Now you can have a real router to navigate at home for less than 100 Euros

When you contract internet at home, the operator gives you a router that is usually quite limited, to say the least. They typically offer few management options and are rarely updated to improve network security. For this reason, it can be interesting buy a router and now you can do it with up to 63% discount.

First of all, we want to explain one thing briefly. All the routes (in Spain) of the operators have a fiber connector or another special connector, so it is not possible to eliminate them. But, we can install a second router in the chain to add capabilities to our network. It is important that the router we buy has a WAN port, which is a “special” port for this function.


Within all the options, we wanted them to be routers with a minimum Wi-Fi 6 support and offer good quality. One of the most interesting options we have found is this Huawei router. It complies with support for WiFi 6 and also integrates a dedicated WAN port in order to have the best possible features.

It has several interesting aspects, being the first one that integrates a powerful quad-core processor that is in charge of the comprehensive network management. In addition, this device offers us a speed up to 3000 Mbps in wireless connection. Another interesting aspect is that it allows us to connect our smartphone without having to remember passwords through Huawei Share.

Something very interesting about this router is that it supports up to 128 devices connected in a way wireless. The cable part is somewhat more limited, with only 3 LAN portsalthough not many people use more than one or two of these ports. It can also act as an access point, establishing itself as an expansion system for an existing WiFi network.

It is an economical and simple option that can give us a lot of play and works correctly.


TP-Link Archer C6 – AC1200

We turn to one of the best valued brands in the router market for its great quality/price ratio. Tp link is a brand that has years of experience in this sector and offers very good quality products. We have noticed this device for offering extended connectivity technologies which are excellent.

This router integrates beamforming technology that allows to extend and concentrate WiFi signals. In addition, it integrates MU-MIMO technologyIt allows receiving and transmitting data streams in three simultaneous channels, making communication more efficient. Regarding physical connectivity, it has a WAN port and three LAN portsboth up to 1000 Mbps.

This TP-Link offers us the possibility of using it as an access point. Allows you to combine it with other devices that have OneMesh support to create a high quality and stable wireless mesh network. Regarding security, it offers us WPA3the most advanced protocol that guarantees encryption and network security.

A very powerful and flexible option that will delight anyone who wants to set up a home cloud or has many connected devices.

TP-Link Archer C6 - AC1200

AVM FRITZ!Box 4040 International

We are now going with a very interesting solution for domestic use as well as for small offices. We talk about a router FRITZ! it has several unusual features. The first thing in which this router stands out is that it integrates several USB 3.0 ports with capacity for printers. This means that the router has the option to connect a printer directly.

How can it be otherwise, this router offers us support for Wi-Fi 6 connectivity dual band. In addition, as we have seen previously, it offers the ability to act as a repeater. You have the option of creating a print server and also a media server to share photos, videos and music on the local network.

The connectivity of this router is one of the interesting points. It has a WAN port that we will connect directly to our operator’s router. It also has four LAN ports to connect up to four computers. Finally, it has two USB 3.0 ports that we can use to generate a media or print server.

It is not so much a solution for the average user, but rather for small offices, but it has very interesting features.

AVM FRITZ!Box 4040 International

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