Now you can have millions of different keyboards without having to pay for each one

We do not usually pay much attention to our keyboard, at most if we are going to use it in professional environments we look for the type of key used and the interaction to be adequate for our day-to-day tasks. Thus, we see them in all sizes and shapes: mechanical, compact, wireless. However, the one we bring you today is different from the rest. The Final Mouse Alpha Prototype and it has caught our attention powerfully. The why? Keep reading.

Can you imagine a fully customizable keyboard? And no, we are not referring to an RGB-type keyboard with LED lights, but something much more extreme, to the point of changing its visual appearance 100%. To achieve this, it means using atypical technologies on a keyboard, which have been the product of applying lateral thinking to them. All this to create a type of keyboard never seen before that will allow us to give our keyboard the look we want.

This is the Alpha Prototype keyboard

Under the name of Alpha Prototype it is a keyboard created by FinalMouse that is based in the concept of mounting a screen on a keyboard, which allows any video or moving image to be displayed on the keyboard casing, which gives it a much greater touch of customization than RGB-lit keyboards. What is shown on the screen can be a video or be 100% interactive through Unreal Engine 5. The goal is to sell customizations of each game through Steam.

To do this, mount the mechanical keyboard on a screen, with the option to choose one with 2K or 4K resolution, which integrates its own circuitry inside and, therefore, its own processor and memory to be able to display moving images on the screen. keyboard. In any case, it is not yet clear if these are processed internally from the keyboard itself or are generated from the PC to be retransmitted to the keyboard.

Regarding the interface used, it differs from normal keyboards by the fact that it has its own USB controller at a refresh rate of 8 kHz with a type C interface, which is understood from the moment it is necessary to transmit the video. Which leads us to the conclusion that it will be our computer that is in charge of managing the images that we see on the keyboard.

A keyboard never before seen has officially been leaked. The supposed Alpha Prototype from @Finalmouse is set with groundbreaking technology. A keyboard with completely interactive skins built on Unreal Engine 5… wtf

November 02, 2022 • 19:22

Where can we buy it?

In any case, and for the moment, FinalMouse has not commented on his project and does not plan to present it at the moment, so we should see its final presentation on December 17. Obviously, with the technologies used for its construction, it will not be cheap to acquire a keyboard of this type.

To all this we have the last question. Do you find a keyboard of these characteristics useful or is it a meaningless exaggeration that does not contribute anything more than something attractive on the desktop?

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