NOX renews its fan catalog with 4 new models

The PC fan market has an increasingly strong trend towards color RGBand aware of this, the Spanish manufacturer NOx has just announced the update of its catalog with the inclusion of four new models, of different sizes and different performance but they have, precisely, the RGB color in common. Next we are going to tell you about all of them.

According to the manufacturer, the four new fan models are designed to offer an excellent balance between performance, low noise level and durability. They are fans designed to be installed in the case since all of them are designed to adequately direct the airflow inside the case, but obviously they are also perfectly valid to be used both in air coolers and in liquid cooling system radiators. .

The 4 new fans of NOX for PC

We start talking about the new NOX Hummer Slim Fana fan that, as its name suggests, comes in a slim format, which means that it is considerably thinner than normal and therefore it is ideal for installation where there are space problems.

This fan is 140mm in diameter and measures only 25mm thick, it has 13 curved blades to offer a good level of static pressure and a directed airflow of up to 45.5 CFM while emitting a low noise level (26 dBA). . Of course, it is a fan with a 4-pin PWM connector so that its speed is automatically controlled based on temperature.

On the other hand, we have the new NOX Hummer X200, a 200 mm diameter fan designed, now, for a box. In this case, the X200 has a 3-pin connector and runs at a fixed speed of 800 RPM, at which it is virtually inaudible but still capable of pushing a large amount of air into the case thanks to its large dimensions.

NOX Hummer X200

The NOX Hummer X140 it is the “little brother” of the previous one, and is designed to have an ultra-silent operation. With 7 curved and very wide blades, it has a high static pressure and is capable of moving up to 58 CFM of airflow, emitting a maximum of 35 dBA of noise. Of course, like the others, it has ARGB lighting, and integrates rubber inserts in the corners to absorb vibrations.

NOX Hummer X140

Finally, we have the model NOX Hummer M Fan, which combines perfect ARGB lighting with high airflow and a low noise level of only 23 dBA. It also has an elegant infinity mirror design on the motor cover, and as the blades are translucent it creates incredible color effects. This fan runs at 1200 RPM max with 35.5 CFM airflow.

Price and availability

All the new fans presented by NOX will be available in the coming days at the manufacturer’s usual points of sale, such as Versus Gamers or Amazon. The NOX Hummer M Fan, X140 and Slim Fan models have a recommended retail price of just €12.90while the largest model, the X200, has a recommended price of €14.90.

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