NRJ Mobile package: 150 GB at €8.99 per month on the Bouygues Telecom network, quickly!

You have a few hours to subscribe to this NRJ Mobile offer which allows you to take advantage of 150 GB of Internet for only €8.99 per month. It is a comfortable data envelope offered at a very competitive price. All on the Bouygues Telecom network. Hurry, because the offer is limited in time.

This NRJ Mobile offer should please you if you are looking for a comfortable mobile plan at a low price. The MVNO operator indeed offers 150 GB for less than €10 per month for one year. The exact price is €8.99. After 12 months, the price increases to €22.99 per month. But nothing obliges you to continue the adventure.

The package is indeed non-binding. You are free to abandon it at any time without penalty. So it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of a solid plan at a low price for a year. The saving to be made over the period is €168 (14 € per month). You only have a few hours to subscribe to this package which is valid until January 19, 2022 inclusive.

NRJ Mobile also entitles you to 15 GB of data that can be used while roaming in the EU and in the overseas departments. As a reminder, this MVNO operator operates the Bouygues Télécom network and the package offered here is in 4G. If you exceed 150 GB, you remain connected to the Internet, but the speed is reduced. The offer obviously includes classic SMS/MMS and unlimited calls.

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