NTT Data joins the National Network of Security Operations Centers

The multinational consultancy NTT Data forms from now part of the National Network of Security Operations Centers (RNS) driven by the National Cryptological Center (CCN-CERT). And it does not enter in any way, but as a preferred partner ‘gold member’.

Its cybersecurity manager, Miguel Ángel Thomas, stated after the agreement: “Entering the association as a Gol member is yet another recognition of our commitment to take cybersecurity to the highest level”.

companies like inetum, T-Systems, Ibermática Y evolution They are already part of this conglomerate in which they strengthen their protection services against cyber threats detecting them in time, communicating with each other and offering joint responses to incidents. The exchange of information between the public and private sectors is carried out in real time thanks to the work of the RNS as an intermediary.

Recognized around the world as a digital consultancy and IT services capable of offering business solutions, strategy and digital transformationas well as the development and maintenance of technological applications and outsourcing.

For them, being part of the National Network of Security Operations Centers means improving in operability Y efficiency in front of relevant and immediate threats that occur, offering an agile and imminent solution to incidents that may arise.

It currently has 500 professionals in its high performance center Salamanca in the almost seven years that he has been present in the city. From there, technological projects are issued for countless public and private companies, from the General State Agency up to sector Utilities in the production and commercialization of energy for the national and international scope.

The director of the NTT Data High Performance Center in Salamanca, Fernando Criadohas ensured that the recruitment and retention of talent It has become key to accompany companies, providing them with extra value, in their processes of digital transformation.

Salamanca is a strategic point for NTT Data as a starting point for the European and Latin American markets. We have recently learned that more than 100 additional professionals are expected to be incorporated into the center of the Castilian-Leonese city, bordering on the number of 1,000 employees.

Meet the RNS

The National Network of Cybersecurity Operations Centers was promoted in May 2022 by the National Cryptological Center in response to the Cybersecurity Strategy for the EU Digital Decadeof the year 2020. It points out the importance of creating a European network based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that makes it possible to detect cyberthreats.

Its function is coordinate and promote the exchange of technical information on cyberthreats among all Cybersecurity Operations Centers (SOC) of the public sector of the Spanish territory. In this way, member organizations are allowed to share information in real time about cyber attacks and create new optimized defense strategies.

Similarly, the RNS acts as a link and information exchange point between national and European SOCs.

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