Nubhora, the expert solution for time control and presence management

Two years have passed since the approval of the Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 by which companies had to start carrying out a record of workers’ working hours mandatory. Since then, the Inspection has imposed more than 9,000 infractions and more than 16 million euros in fines for non-compliance with this law.

So that companies do not have to face up to 180,000 euros of penalty, companies must register the working day of each of their employees accurately, whether they are commercial, work from the office or from home.

What can a time management tool do for your company?

There are expert solutions in time management that allow not only to comply with these labor regulations, but also to take care of automate other procedures relating to the working hours of employees, such as, for example, the request for vacations or management of incidents and absences.

Nubhora it is a comprehensive, collaborative and expert solution in time and people management, and has an advanced system for managing and controlling hours, vacations and absences, planning of days and shifts, employee portal and access control.

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This solution allows employees sign wherever they are, thanks to a virtual terminal of remote access with geolocation so that the company does not lose control of its team. In addition, for those workers who carry out their tasks in person from the company’s facilities, Nubhora has ‘no touch’ clocking systems such as facial biometrics, optical sensors or clocking through a virtual card from the smartphone, so that employees can register your working day in a safe and hygienic manner.

Simplify the management of requests and permits from a single platform

NubhoraIn addition to allowing the company to correctly keep track of the time of its team, it also makes it possible to request vacations, days off, permits and absences, all from a single platform and incorporating automated approval flows from any device, something that facilitates communication. between managers and employees.

Likewise, this tool organizes and plans in an efficient and agile way work shifts whether they are fixed, variable, floating or even flexible and by work centers, departments and teams, and allows measure, control and reduce work absenteeism of the employees, elaborating graphs and exportable KPI reports.

Have solutions like Nubhora, allows the company to optimize and automate time control and presence management in a single platform linked to human resource management solutions, which also enables a 75% saving in management time.

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