Nunsys acquires Ininfa Colombia and strengthens its position in Latin America

New purchase from Nunsys. The Valencian group has announced the acquisition of 100% of the Colombian company ininfa through Sothis. In this way, it manages to expand its portfolio of services and strengthen its position in the Latin American area, where it already has an office in Ecuador.

The integration of Ininfa represents a real revolution for the Paterna company, since it must be remembered that its new partner is an official partner of Siemens in Colombia. All this will mean expanding the capacity of implementation of MES/MOM solutions production control and comprehensive management of manufacturing processes in Latin America through the Sothis Digital Industry business unit. Being the best technological ally of Siemens represents a preferential position over the competition.

Nunsys’ business will be expanded by allowing its client portfolio to enjoy a Greater efficiency and agility in your operations and in the pick-to-light order preparation system. This is a great incentive for the company after confirming its exit to BME Growth last summer, although it has not yet specified more details in this regard.

In addition to diversifying its offer of services to other markets, the acquisition of Ininfa implies increase expertiseas well as incorporate a highly qualified team of industry professionals. In fact, Nunsys forecasts are to exceed one hundred technicians in the next two years.

The new agreement has been seen by Paco Gavilan, CEO of Nunsys, as a unique opportunity that reinforces the company’s presence in Latin America. Furthermore, he claims that he allows them become a global companycapable of meeting the needs of its customers anywhere in the world.

For his part, Yesid Delgado, manager of Ininfa, has expressed satisfaction at being part of Nunsys and contributing to the expansion of its technological solutions in the Latin American area. If this position is strengthened, he qualifies, they will achieve drive your digital transformation in the global marketplace.

The exponential growth of Nunsys

The Valencian group continues its strategy of continuous growth and internationalization after the purchase, a year ago, of Sothis. In fact, their estimates go through closing 2023 with some billing figures over 235 million euros and with more than 2,500 employees on staff.

After the purchase of Sothis, Nunsys’ billing forecasts were 148 million euros and an Ebitda of 12 million, especially reinforcing the departments of industrial digitization and SAP consulting, main areas of potential growth. All this hand in hand with the technological development of our own products and the commitment to AI. Currently, based in Valencia, it has 15 delegations distributed throughout Spain and Portugal, harvesting more than 5,500 clients both public and private sphere since its foundation in 2007.


Nunsys has been planning its IPO for a year, but it has not yet taken place. The announcement came after the acquisition of the technology company Sothis, until then owned by the investment company Angelsentrepreneur driven Juan Roig. The intention of the company was to put on the market 10% of their shares to increase its visibility and transparency in favor of the internationalization of its products and the development of future corporate operations.

If the IPO is definitively carried out, they will diversify their sources of financing and expand their shareholding base, currently owning Paco Gavilán more than 70% of the capital. Likewise, it is currently going through a sweet moment after consolidating its Board of Directors with the appointments of Eva Turanzo and José María Ros, both as new independent directors.

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