Nutanix Unveils New Product Offering to Ease the Path to Hybrid Multicloud

Nutanix just introduced its new and simplified product offering. Nutanix Cloud Platform offers a consistent operating model for all types of clouds (public, private and hybrid) and, thanks to the innovations that are now being integrated, the company will be able to further accelerate the digital transformation of its clients by offering a much better solution offer. easier to use.

In addition to making it easier to execute hybrid multicloud strategies, this new solution offering removes the complexity typically associated with enabling hybrid cloud services across multiple environments. It does this by simplifying the packaging, metering, and pricing model, allowing customers to more easily plan for changes in their needs, cloud preferences, technology upgrades, or workloads.

“Nutanix began by offering a more flexible and manageable alternative to SAN storage and has grown to have a complete cloud platform, including virtualization, network and security, and supporting all workloads across on-premises and public clouds,” says Ashish Nadkarni, Group Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC. “This new product offering offers even more flexibility to help customers adapt to the changing needs of their business.” These include:

  • Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), which provides a complete software solution with virtual compute, storage, and networking for virtual machines and containers. It can be deployed in private data centers, on the hardware of your choice, or in public clouds, with built-in security, disaster recovery, and self-healing capabilities. Running NCI in the public cloud, Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), accelerates the journey to hybrid cloud for greater application agility, elasticity, and modernization, while maintaining the operational efficiency of a unified cloud environment, with common cloud management and policies.
  • Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM), which brings simplicity and ease of use to building and managing cloud deployments and driving consistent governance across private and public clouds. NCM also offers automated monitoring and remediation, making it easy for businesses to deploy, operate, and manage their applications. This solution also improves cost control, thanks to intelligent optimization of resources, and unifies security operations for workloads and data from any cloud, automating the response to potential incidents with intelligent analytics and regulatory compliance tools.
  • Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS), which offers distributed and software-defined storage for multiple protocols (volumes, files, objects) and is capable of supporting different workloads deployed in private, public or hybrid clouds, with license portability between them. Having a single point of management for all storage resources eliminates the complexity of interfaces and allows less experienced users to manage most of the day-to-day data and storage tasks.
  • Nutanix Database Service (NDB)which simplifies database management in hybrid environments multi-cloud for database engines such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database. All thanks to powerful automation capabilities for provisioning, scaling, patching, protecting, and cloning DB instances. NBD also helps customers deliver a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) model and a simpler self-service experience for developers, for both new and existing databases.
  • Nutanix End User Computing Solutions, offer virtual applications and desktops to users around the world from a public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. These solutions provide a per-user license for NCI, which simplifies planning by matching the cost model to that of the computing platform. They also include a simple, fast, and flexible desktop platform as a service (DaaS) that can run end-user workloads on Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), public cloud, or hybrid cloud.

“The Nutanix Cloud Platform is built on our market-leading hyperconverged infrastructure software, offering a consistent cloud operating model for all types of businesses,” said Thomas Cornely, SVP Product Management, Nutanix. “Our new, simplified offering brings together all of our on-premises and public cloud product capabilities to deliver consistent infrastructure, data services, management, and operations for both virtual machine and container applications.

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