NVIDIA already prepares the first RTX 30 SUPER, but only in laptops?

While we expect that in the second half of 2022 Lovelace architecture will appear on the market. Both for the next generation of the NVIDIA Tesla and for the GeForce RTX 40. There is still a time slot in which NVIDIA can launch new models or even a new revision, which would be the third version of the NVIDIA RTX 30 after the recent launch of the LHR models.

The NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER, only for gaming laptops?

According to hardware news leaker Greymon55 on his Twitter account, the laptop versions of NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER will be available in early 2022. Which indicates that we could see the new range presented during CES 2022.

A few weeks ago we could see a future Thinkpad X1 Extreme G4 appear on a Lenovo roadmap. According to this roadmap, the gaming laptop will have both an RTX 3070 SUPER or RTX 3080 SUPER as a GPU. Which are not currently on the market, is more have not yet been announced by NVIDIA itself.

At the moment we do not know the specifications of the RTX 30 SUPER, and that they will differ from the current models. NVIDIA may add faster GDDR6 memory to these models and those based on 1GB chips may disappear. Nor can we rule out an optimization in speed with respect to energy consumption. Which translates into being able to reach higher speeds for the same consumption or cut energy consumption under the same speed. The latter would allow gaming laptops with an RTX 30 to be slightly thinner and lighter.

Will there be a desktop version?

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti FE 12GB (4)

The NVIDIA RTX 20 SUPER had both desktop and laptop versions, so logically we should expect a review of all models based on the GA104 and GA106 GPUs during the first half of 2022. Although rumors about the graphics card version of the RTX 30 SUPER have not appeared, which leads to think that it could be a launch only for laptops. Something that should not surprise us if it happened, we have cases like the GeForce 800 series that only came out for gaming laptops.

That hardware manufacturers make improved versions of their hardware already released on the market with optimizations in terms of consumption, speed and temperature is not something exclusive to NVIDIA. In any case, these RTX 30 SUPER will not be a generational leap, but a way to continue flooding the market with new products and maintain people’s interest in NVIDIA GPUs in the period before the launch of the RTX 40.

And now, to finish, it is possible that this is the defensive response by NVIDIA to a launch by AMD that at the moment we do not know.

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