NVIDIA and its prediction: out of stock to buy an RTX 30 GPU up to ..

NVIDIA has done its best to prevent gaming GPUs from ending up in the hands of miners by releasing their mining-capable graphics cards. Although it is a palliative measure because it is already known that profits have seen all forecasts broken in part thanks to cryptocurrencies and mining, when the critics arrived they stopped them in the best way, but the future is … Complicated.

Don’t expect to buy an NVIDIA RTX 30 GPU in stock until 2023!

It is the harsh reality according to the company and they may not be wrong. In the earnings call for this second quarter, apart from presenting the financial statements for the fiscal year presenting record figures, Jensen Huang has slipped some very direct statements:

In the meantime, we have and are securing quite substantial long-term supply commitments as we expand into all these different market initiatives that we have prepared for. I believe and hope that we will see a content delivery environment for the vast majority of the next year, at least right now.

White and bottled, we don’t have to give it much more thought and although, as we already reported, prices are falling and approaching their MSRP, which is as it should be, what we have is a brutal surcharge of more than fifty%. And it is that finding a GPU at the correct price is an impossible mission, and whoever has tried it knows what we are talking about perfectly.

GPU shipping goes up for RTX 30, but not as expected in CMP


The line of graphics cards for mining called CMP was a breath of fresh air for the gaming market, as miners would put aside the RTX 30 GPUs to focus, supposedly, on this new series optimized in performance and price for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

But the data that NVIDIA has offered are quite curious in this regard, since the LHR series (Lite Hash Rate) where the RTX 30 for gaming are included have represented nothing less than more than 80% of Ampere GPUs, but the CMP supply was lower than expected.

This could be due to the fact that miners are not buying for two reasons: they already have the necessary hardware, and cryptocurrencies have stagnated in value. In any case, the supply must improve a lot for prices to fall to correct or good levels. The problem is that the supply could be restored when NVIDIA goes to announce the RTX 40, which in theory arrive with TSMC at 5 nm.

There is a lot of controversy about this, since it is not a matter of the node itself or for its benefits, but for the volume that TSMC can generate considering that it has to supply none other than AMD, Intel, Apple and NVIDIA in 5 nm, 6 nm, 5 nm and 3 nm, almost nothing. That is why the rumors that they could continue with Samsung to guarantee supply of chips to manufacturers would not have been ruled out, and even use both companies to segment ranges.

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