NVIDIA and MediaTek to develop high-performance ARM chipsets

NVIDIA is working with the semiconductor provider MediaTek on a project to create next-generation ARM chipsets, they say from Digitimes, citing sources from the production channel in Asia.

Do you remember Samsung’s alliance with AMD to equip Exynos SoCs with Radeon graphics chips? Well, something very similar is what is announced from Taiwan with a leading role for MediaTek and NVIDIA. And attention because in this case not limited to mobile devicesbut also to personal computers and specifically to the Windows platform on ARM.

The agreement contemplates that NVIDIA contributes graphics chips in the new generation chipsets from MediaTek. Suffice it to say that the green giant has plenty of technology and resources to design exactly what the Chinese manufacturer needs, increasing its potential several levels in tasks such as games or artificial intelligence.

As for NVIDIA, while most of its revenue comes from its by far the segment-leading GeForce dedicated graphics cards, Quadro series for workstations, and data center accelerators, it’s no stranger to low-end chip development. ARM consumption and has long experience since it produced the Tegra for its Shield product range, as well as the responsibility of motorizing the Switch console. And the following, because the agreement with Nintendo is rumored to be long-term and the green giant already has an updated SoC for the Switch 2.

Great potential, no doubt. And it is that this type of agreements win-win they are very necessary to compete with Qualcomm or other giants like Apple that has surpassed everyone with its own ARM designs. So interesting are the NVIDIA and MediaTek solutions that can arrive for mobile devices, such as those mentioned for PCs.

Windows on ARM needs a boost “like eating” if it doesn’t want to disappear forever. Microsoft has a lot going on on the software side, but there’s no doubt that a hardware upgrade (and NVIDIA has the technology to do it) would be a good draw to start with.

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