NVIDIA and Valve will improve GeForce Now on Steam Deck

Handheld consoles and cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now can be a great pairing, as long as all parties involved pitch in to try and deliver the best experience possible. It is true that their performance, in some cases, is more than enough to offer a satisfactory gaming experience even for some fairly recent triple A, as we have seen with Steam Deck and Cyberpunk 2077. However, others, such as the Logitech G , have been designed specifically thinking about offering a portable gaming experience for these services.

Moving computing demands to the cloud, as GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud have done, has ended the need for high-performance hardware and a specific architecture to be able to enjoy certain games. It’s true that virtually all platforms have a large catalog of titles that can run natively on their devices, yes, but let’s not kid ourselves, many of the most exciting releases only come to Windows, and minimal hardware is required to to be able to run them with some ease, that is, without it seeming that the system fans are going to levitate the computer several centimeters above the table.

It is true that, in this regard, users already have the possibility of accessing these services through their smartphones and tablets, and that devices such as the Razer Kishi 2 allow them to enjoy, on their mobile phones, the controls that we have usually on a portable console. However, we cannot ignore that, by design, the experience provided by a portable console built as such is incomparable.

NVIDIA and Valve will improve GeForce Now on Steam Deck

That is why, for a long time, we have been pointing out all the possibilities that arise from the pairing between these services and the Valve console. The bad part, however, is that the user experience has not been optimized and as a result, users report that using GeForce Now on a Steam Deck is not as smooth and comfortable an experience as it should be.

However, and as we can read in Wccftech, this will change in the future, since NVIDIA and Valve are studying ways to improve the experience of accessing GeForce Now from the Steam Deck. At the moment, there are no specific dates or plans, or at least these have not been publicly disclosed, but the effort does seem firm. It remains to be seen if it will materialize in a native GeForce Now app for the Steam Deck, which would probably be the best solution, or in optimization of the console’s operating system to improve the use of NVIDIA’s service.

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