NVIDIA announces the arrival of DLSS 3 to Diablo IV and Forza Horizon 5

After an apparently somewhat hesitant start, the adoption of DLSS 3 seems to have sped up. In addition to cyberpunk 2077 and another fifty more (if they are not more by now), have recently joined force horizon 5 and the future Diablo IV.

The announcement of DLSS 3 support in Forza Horizon 5 and Diablo IV has been made by NVIDIA itself at the Game Developers Conference 2023 (GDC 2023), an event that, as expected, has been used by the green giant to promote the latest generation of its upscaling technology supported by artificial intelligence, which has emerged as the leader within its segment. To the two mentioned titles have also been added Deceive Inc., grippers, Smallland: Survive the Wilds and redfallthe latest Arkane project published by Bethesda.

Michael Bukowski, Blizzard’s technical director for Diablo IVhas said that “Supporting smooth gameplay in Diablo IV is a priority for Blizzard. We are excited about the high frame rate of Diablo IV running on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series hardware and DLSS 3.”. However, DLSS 3 will not be ready for beta testing. Diablo IVso it probably won’t come with the release of the game in the end.

Another title that will support DLSS 3 is force horizon 5, the well-known racing game developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Game Studios. This title already received DLSS 2 and ray tracing support a few months ago and now it’s up to date. Apparently the improvement provided by DLSS 2 in force horizon 5 It hasn’t always been very big because Forza Horizon 5 is a very processor-intensive title. With DLSS 3 scheduled to hit the title on March 28, 2023, frames are expected to be generated independently of the CPU, which should speed up its own rendering.

In addition to specific video games, Nick Penwarden, vice president of engineering at Epic Games, has announced that DLSS 3 will be integrated into Unreal Engine 5.2, the next maintenance version of the well-known graphics engine. This move should represent a strong boost for NVIDIA technology.

DLSS 3, as our readers will know by now, will open the door to improve the performance of games that support it on the latest generation of NVIDIA graphics: RTX 4000/Ada Lovelace. However, in the case of Diablo IV Possibly the presence of FSR is more attractive because it is capable of supporting more generations of graphics and from different manufacturers, while DLSS has the ground established in Turing (RTX 20 and GTX 16). Due to its profile, the next Blizzard game should focus more on improving performance on hardware that is just right than on one that is recent and left over. Fortunately, it looks like FSR will be in Diablo IV.

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