NVIDIA Announces World’s Fastest 500Hz Monitors

The ASUS ROG Swift 500 Hz will be the first model of the new generation of gaming monitors announced by NVIDIA at Computex 2022. As you will see from its very name, the most outstanding feature is its 500Hz refresh ratethe highest achieved by the industry.

For some time now, the refresh rate has become one of the main elements to assess when buying a monitor. And it is that, the higher its value, the better user experience we will have in any task especially in the fastest and most competitive games.

This refresh rate is variable and is implemented in PCs using a technology called “adaptive sync” (Adaptive Sync) standardized by the VESA group. It is widely used in the industry and is supported by major graphics chip vendors, by all monitor manufacturers, and by some TV models. You already know that NVIDIA uses proprietary G-Sync technology that requires payment of royalties and the use of a hardware module installed in the monitors. In return, it is promoted as “the best” in this section.

Its objective and basic operation is the same as that of the rest of the technologies: improve communication between graphics card and display screen when synchronizing the refresh rate of images. This limits stuttering or stuttering that results in flickering, flashing, or other artifacts, improves image quality, improves responsiveness at virtually any frame rate, and generally provides a better gaming experience.

ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz

NVIDIA is promoting G-Sync technology at Computex and the level jump that will mean a refresh rate as high as the 500Hz. The new ASUS monitor has been heralded as an example of the new generation.

It is a model for use with competitive games such as CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege. mount a panel 24 inch TN diagonal and native resolution 1080p. Taking into account these characteristics, it is clear that it is absolutely dedicated to electronic sports and will not be used for other computer uses. NVIDIA has published a video where it shows the capacity of those 500 Hz.

NVIDIA will include the technologies known as the G-SYNC Esports mode, the Reflex Analyzer and the rest of those present in its GForce graphics cards. We do not have an availability date and price for this ASUS ROG Swift 500 Hz, spearhead of the new monitors with G-Sync that NVIDIA wants to promote.

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