Nvidia buys HPC Bright Computing’s cluster management platform

Nvidia has announced the purchase of the software platform dedicated to managing high-performance computing (HPC) cluster Bright Computing. The deal will end, when closed, with the company joining Nvidia’s accelerated computing software arm. It is unknown how much he will pay for the purchase of the platform, as well as the rest of the financial details of the agreement.

Bright Computing is a company founded in 2009, based in Amsterdam and dedicated, as we have mentioned, to the development of HPC cluster software. This software is used in particular to automate Linux cluster provisioning, as well as for deployment and management, including problem detection and isolation, as well as for pushing and activating changes or updates. It is not a complete stranger to its buyer, since both companies have been collaborating on different projects for about a decade.

In October 2020, Bright Computing joined the program DGX-Ready Software from Nvidia, which made it a provider of business solutions for Artificial Intelligence and data science projects. Its software has been integrated in recent years with Nvidia’s GPUs, network devices, and CUDA and DGX systems. All of your employees will start working for Nvidia when the buyout closes.

The platform developed by Bright Computing, called Bright Cluster Manager, «enables users to deploy entire Linux clusters on bare metal and reliably manage them from edge to core to cloud«. Its software supports ARM and x86 CPUs, Nvidia GPUs, and Kubernetes containers. Its clients include Siemens, Johns Hopkins University, NASA or Boeing.

Nvidia partners will be responsible for bringing Bright Computing software, which will enhance Nvidia’s DGX divisions and data centers, to more markets. Meanwhile, from the company they have declared that «Powered by Bright Computing’s team and software, Nvidia will continue to democratize access to high-performance computing and accelerated«.

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