Nvidia fleetingly snatches Meta from seventh place in the index of the largest companies in the US

The stock price of several big technology companies seems to be on a roller coaster for several weeks. This has caused great falls and rises in the value of the shares of some of them, although without a doubt, the greatest stir has been caused with those of Goal, known until recently as Facebook. Its results for the last quarter of 2021, recently presented, notably pissed off its shareholders. For the first time in its history, the company has seen a decline in its daily active user base, causing its shares fell no less than 26% in a single day.

This made Nvidiawhich has been improving its results in a more than remarkable way quarter by quarter, advance in valuation and value of shares on the stock market to Meta, although fleetingly, and became the seventh most valued company in the United States at the beginning of last week. Shortly after, he lost that position with the recovery of the Meta titles, among others, and on Tuesday he had already fallen to tenth place on that list.

According to MarketWatch, Nvidia had a market value of $618.2 billion on Monday. Meanwhile, that of Meta, after its communication of results, fell to 612,200 million dollars. A spectacular drop for Meta, but a more than notable increase also for Nvidia, which only a year ago was ranked 15th among US companies, and two years ago it was in position 50. Nvidia has grown tremendously since the start of the pandemic , with a spectacular increase in demand for all its products. This has caused the income of its divisions to rise, and in some cases they have done so between 40% and 50%.

Meanwhile, Meta has all sorts of problems: more competition from TikTok, changes to iOS privacy features that have affected its revenue, uncertainty over its plans for the metaverse, and now a dwindling user base. This has led to the fact that after dealing with all these issues in its meeting with shareholders after the communication of results, its market value fell by no less than 232,000 million dollars, registering the largest drop in the stock market in the history of a US company in a single day

This drop is not only due to the fact that the company has recorded a drop in its daily active user base on Facebook. Also to the 10,000 million dollars that the change of iOS will cost in 2022 that will allow its users to configure their equipment to get out of tracking their activity, and the 10,000 million dollars that it has invested so far in Reality Labs, its division dedicated to the metaverse.

This coupled with the lawsuits it is having to deal with, its privacy-related scandals, and its bad press in general, has made it in the 2021 Yahoo Finance survey. Meta has been voted the worst company of the year. And that before the presentation of results and its fall on the stock market. Meanwhile, Nvidia continues to sell absolutely everything.

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