Nvidia improves video streaming on (almost) all GeForce RTXs thanks to AI

The latest update to Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards improves their AI performance and makes streaming videos over the Internet even more beautiful and sharper.

Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia found that Internet users view content on 1080p screens or more. “The browser must therefore adapt the video to the screen resolution,” which often results in images with blurred edges. In addition to announcing the compatibility of the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and Warhammer: Vermintide 2 games with DLSS technology which is revolutionizing video games, the green team now offers the Video Super Resolution 1.5 on the GeForce RTX 20XXreleased 5 years ago.

nvidia rtx vsr signal flow processing
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VSR improves upscaling, sharpness and quality of videos, both in gaming and streaming. Nvidia’s technology uses AI to “reduce or eliminate artifacts caused by video compression […] while reducing the loss of textures. This feature has been offered since February on Nvidia’s most recent graphics cards, the RTX 30XX and 40XX, and GeForce RTX 20XX owners can now benefit from it through the new Game Ready driver.

Nvidia brings AI-based VSR technology to RTX 20XX and above

Of course, VSR performance differs across GPU ranges to the other. Users can set their quality level from 1 to 4. A higher quality level logically requires more resources. “Therefore, if users want to use their card in parallel for other tasks”, they will have to take this into account by adjusting this setting. To do this, they just need:

  • to open the Nvidia control panel
  • to click on Adjust video settings
  • to choose Super Resolution
  • to set the desired quality level

As this feature is designed to improve streaming of viewed videos in Chrome or in Edge and Chromium browsers, you will also need to configure your Chrome (or Edge) browser in “High performance” mode in the Settings > System > Screen > Graphics menu in Windows 10/11.

Once done, all Nvidia GeForce RTX 20XX, 30XX and 40XX can comfortably enjoy VSR 1.5 at level 1but only cards rated xx70 or higher can play most content at quality level 4.

Source : Nvidia

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