NVIDIA Keynote at Computex 2022: Will we see the RTX 40 Series?

has started the Computex 2022 and we have already seen the AMD keynote and the news that the company has presented. Tomorrow, at 5 in the morning, it is the turn of the NVIDIA Keynote at Computex 2022, who could present something quite interesting. Although there is no confirmation and they are just rumours, it is said that NVIDIA could talk about the RTX 40 Series.

It has been rumored for days that NVIDIA could launch the RTX 40 sets this very summer. Furthermore, we should also see new data on DLSS 2.3, which could be released soon. It is not ruled out that the company may present some new technology or solution designed for gaming.

What do we expect from the NVIDIA keynote?

The company has announced that it will talk about different types of solutions. The solutions for Data Center and Gaming stand out. According to the information, they will also announce things for content creators and for networking.

NVIDIA has announced the following speakers:

  • Ian Buck, Vice President of Accelerated Computing
  • Brian Kelleher, Senior Vice President, Hardware Engineering
  • Ying Yin Shih, Director of Product Management, Accelerated Computing
  • Michael Kagan, Chief Technology Officer
  • Deepu Talla, Vice President of Embedded and Edge Computing
  • Jeff Fisher, Senior Vice President of GeForce

Noteworthy is the absence of Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA. This makes us think that the company will not present the new RTX 40 Series graphics cards. Possibly, the company will present something based on the hooper architecture, which would be the basis for the company’s new graphics. What seems more likely is that new graphics for laptops will be presented.

Regarding solutions for content creators, it is possible that some new tool will be presented. It is not ruled out that some improvement will be shown with respect to the company’s technologies.

Something that seems certain is that NVIDIA will talk about DLSS 2.3, which should compete with FSR 2.0. Possibly, they boast of the performance improvements offered by this solution and games that will support this technology.

We should expect little more about the company’s next keynote regarding gaming hardware and software. It is possible that they will surprise with something, but since the CEO of the company is not there, the presentation of new gaming graphics seems quite unlikely.

Much anticipation around the next graphics cards

In recent weeks, different rumors have been released about the company’s new graphics. Rumors point to a spectacular performance jump over the current generation. It is said that the upcoming RTX 4060, for example, could be up there with the RTX 3080.

These new graphics cards, according to rumours, would have consumption out of series, speculating 400 W or more. Although it may seem implausible, the efficiency would be better than the current generation. It is because the increase in consumption, if the performance goes up a lot, the relationship is quite compensated.

It doesn’t seem possible for NVIDIA to unlock LHR v3.0 on the company’s latest graphics cards. NiceHash has managed to bypass this restriction to 90% in the company’s new charts for Ethereum mining.

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