Nvidia launches an “RTX On” key to customize your keyboard, was it really useful?

A keyboard key: here is the new product marketed by Nvidia. Well, almost: the latter will only be available by participating on the brand’s social networks. The latter has not yet specified the content of the competition in question. An event that is likely to fall flat for many gamers, who are still waiting for RTX 3000 stocks to return.

Credits: Nvidia

Nvidia may not buy ARM, but that does not prevent it from embarking on projects on which it is not expected. This is how the manufacturer still manages to surprise us by launching on the market… a keyboard key. Want to know more about the RTX 4000s? Failed, we will have to be a little patient because for the moment, the firm has other ideas in mind. Instead, it therefore offers you something to replace the Esc key on your keyboard, with a key entitled “RTX ON”.

If the latter appeals to you, know that you will not be able to buy it by yourself. For once, no question here of out of stock. Nvidia indeed wishes “rewarding GeForce fans around the world” by organizing contests on its social networks, namely Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We do not yet know what it will take to win them, but the manufacturer says it is looking for “Anyone who is passionate about games, graphics and technology in [ses] answers ».

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The RTX On button does not activate anything at all

This announcement is likely to be coldly received by many players who are still waiting to get their hands on a graphics card. Indeed, Nvidia has been promising for several months now that the situation will improve and yet the GPUs are still displayed at almost 200% of the recommended price. The manufacturer already has a few solutions in mind, but we are still waiting for their effect to be felt.

Especially since we should not expect a miracle with this new touch. By pressing “RTX On”, one would think that a process would be activated. Maybe enable DLSS, or just boost graphics card performance? In reality, none of that. The key is nothing but a replacement for the Esc key, and therefore acts the same. If despite everything you are interested, know that the start of the festivities is planned for next spring.

Source: Nvidia

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