NVIDIA prepares three different RTX 4070, why?

By pure logic, the next graphics card to be launched by NVIDIA should be the RTX 4070, which would be based on a version with fewer active cores of the AD104 chip used in the RTX 4070 Ti and would even use the same boards. base. However, the latest information tells us about three variants of the RTX 4070. What would they be and how would each of them differ?

Little by little, the mid-range of the RTX 40 is preparing its launch on the market and it is that although the new generation has known how to show its strength, it has done so at a price that is well above what most of us mortals can afford. afford economically. And what do we understand today as that point? Well, a price between 500 and 600 euros. Perhaps that is why NVIDIA has considered launching not just one, but up to three variants of the RTX 4070. So we would be facing an exercise by Jen Hsen Huang’s people like the one they tried with the 12 GB RTX 4080.

What would be the three variants of the RTX 4070?

The information comes to us from GIGABYTE, specifically from the approval process of its graphics cards, where three variants of the RTX 4070 have been seen. The differences between them? Well, we would be talking about a 10 GB model, another 12 GB and to finish one of 16 GB. At the moment, the information was that it would use the same chip as the RTX 4070 Ti, but with 5888 of the so-called active CUDA cores, for a total of 46 real or active SM cores. In contrast to the 60 cores of the AD104 chip in its full configuration.

Three RTX 4070 variants

The interesting thing is that such a chip has a 192-bit bus and no more. Hence the ability to place 6 GDDR6X chips of 2 GB each to reach 12 GB, so the version with this capacity was what we expected. As for the 10 GB fan, it is easy as removing a memory chip and cutting a few more cores. Although the big unknown is in the 16 GB model, which is only possible with a 128-bit bus in clamshell mode, two chips per interface instead of one, or under a 256-bit one. Although in this last case we would really be talking about the AD103 chip, the one from the RTX 4080, which makes all the information less strange.

Why is the 16 GB model an anomaly?

Normally, we tend to associate that the more memory a graphics card has, the larger its bus, however, it is possible to place two chips to expand capacity without doubling the bus. The result? In this case, a 16 GB memory card, but with worse performance than the 10 GB and 12 GB cards. The good thing is that it will not be limited due to lack of memory, but it will be limited in terms of processing. At the moment it has not been confirmed, but we find such a policy confusing for the end user.

In any case, if we start from the fact that the AD107 chip of the RTX 4060 has 36 SM cores in total and the 4070 of 12 GB has 46, then the other two versions, the 10 GB version with a 160-bit bus and the 16 GB with a 128-bit bus should fall somewhere between the two configurations, but we don’t know the full specs at this time.

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