NVIDIA puts a date and an end to the GPU shortage, but what about the price?

NVIDIA, the shortage of GPUs and their price, a subject so controversial that it raises discussions wherever it may be, but which is always topical due to the number of users who refuse to pay the exorbitant prices that we are seeing. We begin this 2022 with good news, at least partial, since Colette kress, financial director of the greens has left several pearls that limit and anticipate the (partial) end of this problem of the GPUs.

Four desktop GPUs introduced in one go to complete a range of graphics cards that will hit the market at different times and that aim to bridge the gap against the new from Intel. But if there is a shortage launching new GPUs is not contradictory? It seems not.

Price, scarcity and satiety: the end has come

What remains for us to see in this new year seems quite encouraging, mainly because from NVIDIA they are optimistic with the forecasts and that today is saying a lot when you look at the market levels of each other.

As is usual in Jensen Huang’s company, she has been the financial director of the company, Colette kress, the one that has put some light in this dark well in which we find ourselves. The aforementioned goes to say that NVIDIA is going to greatly improve its supply situation in this year 2022 and that for the first time in a year and a half it will be able to satisfy the entire market demand.

Here is something qualifying and important, since Colette herself assured that there is a factor to take into account: this will occur at some point from the second half of the year. That is, we will be ending spring and beginning summer when what has been said will be fulfilled.

The RTX 40 and the increase in January

RTX-40 - nvidia-2022

To be more objective if possible, it must be said that NVIDIA also commented that this first quarter will have a 15% increase in the supply of chips, logically from Samsung, so it is possible that the graphics cards will begin to fill the chips little by little. shelves, as well as pallets with gaming laptops.

The Serie RTX 40 According to Colette it will also bring a hit of effect and from there this increase in production can also come, because a new launch implies leaving the current Ampere behind.

What do we mean? Well, going from Samsung to TSMC will undoubtedly mean a much higher volume of chips where Koreans will see how the demand for RTX 30 GPUs will fall and with this they will be able to maintain the balance of supply and demand, although not due to the fact that your efforts have yielded the results that NVIDIA was asking for.

Therefore, we are a few months away from what could be a reduction, or at least a stabilization of prices based on a greater number of units available. Now we need to know if the prices of materials (and especially transport) little by little return to their original course, where there would only be the doubt of speculation in cryptocurrencies.

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