NVIDIA recognizes the problems buying ARMs, do you have time?

It seems like an impossible operation, it seemed like it before the offer was even presented and after long months of tug of war, the situation seems to be reaching a critical point and the blockade is imminent. The CEO of NVIDIA has a particular opinion of what is happening, but the superpowers move tab and time is running out. At what point is everything?

NVIDIA does not have it easy: the opposition grows strong


Jensen Huang’s statements are more defining than clarifying, since logically he is not going to reveal what is said behind the scenes, but various reports with protected sources already warned of this and now Huang confirms it in The Financial Times:

“Our discussions with regulators are taking longer than initially thought, so the timetable is being pushed. It is not a particular delay, so we are confident in the deal, we are confident that regulators must recognize the benefits of the acquisition »

It seems that even NVIDIA itself did not think it would meet such head-on opposition and that the siren songs that emerged from the company would be effective with the main opponents. Likewise, Huang has declared to the same newspaper that he remains unshakable in the idea and prediction that the acquisition of his company will be completed in March 2022, but …

Is there enough time if all else fails? Will NVIDIA finally be able to buy ARM?


The “normal” and predefined time for the acquisition of NVIDIA on ARM expires in just one month. The actors continue in their positions and everything suggests that there will be an extension by contract. This clause, already predetermined in advance, has a deadline and is not specified or disclosed for the time being: the end of 2022.

That will be the moment where everything explodes if an agreement is not reached between the main US companies, China and the British government itself. Everyone is studying the purchase from a specific point of view, security, but the economic ones are not obviously ignored. We have the best example in the past, when Qualcomm tried to buy the Dutch manufacturer NXP Semiconductors, where China opposed it head on.

NVIDIA guarantees that ARM will be neutral as before, Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Qualcomm (almost nothing), among many others, they do not see it at all clear. NVIDIA has the enemy at your doorstep, circling the perimeter and with a sniper about to pull the trigger. Will it finally succeed in convincing and satisfying all parties, governments included? How big does the ARM chip loot have to be for the opposition to be so aggressive? The outcome in just over 6 months …

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