NVIDIA Releases GeForce Game Ready Update 512.59

Gone are the days when drivers were used exclusively for the operating system to know how to manage a device. With GeForce Game Ready drivers, NVIDIA has long been delivering frequent updates targeting, among other things, improve system performance with certain gamesthanks to specific optimizations, which allow you to activate ray tracing, take advantage of DLSS, etc.

Thus, updates to GeForce Game Ready drivers are always recommended, because in addition to solving problems with previous versions and improving the performance of graphics adapters, can provide us with a much more satisfying gaming experience. Such is the case, on this occasion, of update 512.59, available both for desktop graphics cards and for their mobile versions, specific for laptops. In this update we find optimizations for the following games:

As you can see, this GeForce Game Ready update will optimize system performance with eight very recent titles, and something quite common on NVIDIA’s part is to try to bring the optimizations as close as possible to the same day the games are released. games. We see this regularly, for example, with DLSS support, which in some cases becomes available even before some games hit the market. And, as an example of this, in this case we find zero-day support for Dune: Spice Wars.

The big plus, too, is that unlike other optimization solutions, GeForce Game Ready driver updates don’t require manual configuration adjustments. The actual installation of the updated version It already offers us these improvements within the reach of a single click.

Additionally this update, 512.59, of the GeForce Game Ready, also brings G-Sync support for three new monitors, they are the ASUS ROG XG259CM, the Galaxy VI-01 and the Samsung G95NA.

And for those users who like to be able to quantify the performance of their systems using NVIDIA Reflex, this update to the GeForce Game Ready marks the debut of Reflex Statsa new latency measurement system with which players of Bright Memory Infinite, Fortnite, Rust and Valorant will be able to invoke, by pressing the Alt and R keys, the configuration of this new function, which will allow them several metrics in this regard.

You can download version 512.19 of GeForce Game Ready for desktop cards from this link, and for mobile versions you will find it here.

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