NVIDIA supports people adding DLSS to unsupported games, slap Nintendo?

The difference between the two cases is obvious. Nintendo lives by selling its console and the exclusive games for its platform. NVIDIA lives off selling graphics cards and adding DLSS to games encourages sales. One loses sales and, therefore, a lot of money, while the other earns money because its technologies reach more platforms.

Therefore, the comparison is unfair, at least in the first instance. When you put Steam in the equation, things change.

Nintendo swimming against the current of NVIDIA and Steam

We have three different companies, but basically convergent. He NVIDIA’s business is to sell graphics cards and the one of Steam sell video games from third parties. NintendoFor his part, his business is based on sell your consoles and your games franchise and third parties. Although they are not purely comparable, the Japanese could still take elements of both.

that they exist modders that include NVIDIA DLSS to games existing for the company, is positive. It encourages the sale of its products as there is a larger (unofficial) catalog that uses this technology. The end user will get a better performanceif your graphics card supports AI image upscaling.

Then we have our strategy Steam, which has just begun. we can find the game dead space in the Valve store that can be test for 90 minutes. This new strategy allows you to enjoy the entire game for a limited time. After this period, we can decide whether to buy the game or not.

Clear, Nintendo has no technologies to add directly or indirectly to improve game performance. What it could offer is to try a game for a limited time, but that seems impossible to happen. That could help sales a bit, but it doesn’t seem like a model that could interest the Japanese.

On the other hand, the Switch gives for what it gives. Games like Mario Kart or Pokémon deliveries very well, we have seen with Zelda the problems it has. The console is outdated and greatly limits the development of the games.

nintendo switch console

DLSS is one of the best technologies available

We have seen how in recent years NVIDIA has presented different technologies. In February 2019, Ray Tracing was presented, the real-time ray tracing technology for video games. A technology with a big problem: it produced a loss of up to 50% of the FPS. The solution was DLSS, which recovered virtually all the losses generated by ray tracing.

Although the impressive thing was that shadows and reflections could be calculated in real time, in the end it has not been great technology. DLSS has gone from being a child to a parent, pretty much. We all want more gaming performance and not so much polished shadows and reflections.

At least that’s what the data and people say, since most of them don’t use Ray Tracing or use it from time to time. That is why NVIDIA has been giving more and more importance to DLSS, to the point of congratulating itself that there are people who include it in unsupported video games as a mod.

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