NVIDIA’s AD102 chip could double the performance of an RTX 3090

the graphics processor AD102 aims to be the next technological reference of NVIDIA. In addition to the RTX 4090 and its Ti variant, it could also be used in the next generation of TITAN, a range more oriented towards professional sectors and research, although that does not mean that it cannot run video games and other applications used mainly by users. common.

We have recently become aware of the existence of a graphics card that uses a variant of the processor AD102, but which equips 18,432 CUDA coreswhich is approximately 12.5% ​​more than those theoretically introduced in the standard model of the RTX 4090. That number of CUDA cores could correspond to the Ti variant or the next generation of the TITAN line, but for now it is believed more that it would be the second.

That mysterious graphics card with an AD102 processor and 18,432 CUDA cores has doubled the performance offered by an RTX 3090 in some tests carried out with the video game Control. The conditions have been to run the game in 4K and with ray tracing and DLSS enabled. The RTX 3090 scored an average of 72 frames per second, while the unknown graphics processor AD102 reached more than 160 frames per second. Unfortunately, in these data there are many things that are missing to have a complete vision of the panorama and especially of the comparison between the two graphs.

The improvement by the unknown graph could be due to Ada LovelaceNVIDIA’s next generation and architecture, would employ a new generation of Tensor cores that reportedly bring a noticeable improvement in DLSS performancethe green giant’s supersampling technology created with the purpose of minimizing the loss of performance caused by ray tracing and which has opened the door to standardize the use of 4K and 8K resolutions on the PC.

Rumored NVIDIA RTX 40 Specs

From what we see, Ada Lovelace could represent a significant improvement over Ampere, but for now it is better to take all the data we know with tweezers, because it would not be the first time that a generation of graphics promises a revolution and then be a jump smaller qualitative. At the end of summer we could have the first touch of Ada Lovelace with the possible announcement of the RTX 4090 and/or its Ti variant. When that time comes we will have a more complete and clear picture of what the next generation of NVIDIA graphics will offer.

The complete AD102 chip aims to have a consumption of up to 800 wattsan amount that would not be too surprising if we take into account that it will be incorporated into top-of-the-range products (RTX 4090 and probably TITAN).

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