NVIDIA’s new graphics card will be 9 times faster than PS5

The RTX 3090 Ti has not been released due to its delays and problems and we already have the supposed performance that the successor is going to have, although not directly, in the market and range. The data is staggering like never before and the TFLOPS it throws up is eye-watering.

There will be no “cheating” in the FP32 count in NVIDIA

Someone could say that the jump in performance from the RTX 2080 Ti to the RTX 3090 was greater, but this is not really the case because of what was explained at the time of the FP32 of NVIDIA and its «trap». With Ada Lovelace this won’t happen, at least in theory, because Shaders are at a performance sweet spot in terms of 1:1 layout between floating point and integers.

The leak reveals that NVIDIA’s top-of-the-range GPU, the alleged RTX 4080, will reach an impressive frequency of 2.5GHz, which will be an impressive leap from the 1.8 GHz average that it reaches as standard (1,695MHz not counting the rise by ASIC + Boost) the (still) best graphics card they have for sale: RTX 3090.

What does this data imply? Well, it is really quite interesting, since having the frequency and the supposed shaders that it is going to implement, we can do the calculations to give a very precise performance based on TFLOPS under FP32. Rumors indicate a total count for this RTX 4080 of no less than 18,432 shaders, which multiplied by the named frequency of 2.5 GHz gives us a theoretical performance of 92.16 TFLOPS, but this figure has been refuted and fine-tuned…

The RTX 4080 will be 2.5 times faster than the RTX 3090

What was poured by the prestigious Leaker affirms nothing less than 90 TFLOPS for the RTX 4080, which would mean multiplying the performance of the current RTX 3090 by 2.5 times (35.58 TFLOPS) and surpass by a large margin that of the RTX 3090 Ti that is about to debut with approximately 40 TFLOPS.

Let us remember that these figures are only weighted measures of the performance that they could have, since for many years the TFLOPS have been simply that, approximations of what could be seen as performance in games. Comparatively speaking, where does it stand with the consoles or its predecessor sisters?

Well, there would be a count like this:

  • PS5: 10.28 TFLOPS
  • Xbox Series X: 12.15 TFLOPS
  • RTX 2080Ti: 13.45 TFLOPS
  • RTX3090: 35.58 TFLOPS
  • RTX4080: 90 TFLOPS

Therefore, the RTX 4080 would be almost 9 times faster than the current PS5 (the specific data would speak of 92 TFLOPS and not 90 as the Leaker says), figures that are truly frightening if we take into account where we start from today .

Rumors say that the bomb that AMD is going to hit with the RX 7000 has made NVIDIA take out the entire arsenal and leave nothing behind. Apparently and as we have seen a moment ago with the Subwarp Interleaving, it is more than likely that it will be so, which is always welcome if the prices are right and there is stock for everyone.

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