NZXT switches to white and semi-modular with its H510, Kraken and C-Series

NZXT is not going through its best moment; After the problems that occurred in one of its top sales boxes (the H1, in which the PCIe riser produced a short circuit), the company has had serious difficulties to regain the trust of the community, so now it is preparing to renew a good part of its catalog not only to wash the face of its products, but to try to attract the attention of the most demanding gamers.

NZXT H510 FLOW, maximum cooling but with style

This was a long-awaited first in the manufacturer’s box catalog, with its iconic H510 modified to offer the best possible airflow for higher-end systems. Thus, with a improved thermal performance Thanks to the perforated front panel that allows a greater flow of air to enter the interior, this box maintains the DNA of the family that has given the manufacturer so much popularity but allows better operating temperatures.

The NZXT H510 FLOW It is the same box as the current H510s leaving aside this grille front panel, including its front USB-C connector, the cable management kit with pre-installed conduits and straps, the removable support for radiators up to 280 mm in length and its already common tempered glass side panel.

The availability of this new box has not yet been announced, but they have said that it will be available in matte black and white (you can see the image above) at a recommended retail price of 109.90 euros for both variants.

NZXT renews its Kraken AIOs, now in matte white

NZXT Kraken white

The AIO Kraken series of liquid cooling heatsinks have been the face of NZXT since their initial launch, and most especially because they were the first to introduce an LCD panel in the CPU block that shows the temperature of the system (and other things if want, as it is usually configurable). A) Yes, NZXT has announced that the last Kraken X, Kraken Z and the fans AER RGB 2 they will now be available in a stylish matte white colorway.

Until now, users had it quite complicated to create an all-white hardware configuration, but now they will have it a little easier with these new Kraken from NZXT, accompanied by the matching AER RGB 2 fans. Additionally, the NZXT Kraken 120 has received some additional updates, with an improved pump, larger fluid reservoir, revamped look, and support for 5V ARGB ecosystems.

With availability also marked “coming soon”, these new blank Kraken NZXT heatsinks have the following price tags (as they depend on the model and size of the radiator):

  • Kraken X53 RGB 240mm: € 169.99
  • Kraken X63 RGB 280mm: € 189.99
  • Kraken X73 RGB 360mm: € 229.99
  • Kraken 120: € 89.99

Bronze C-Series Power Supplies


The manufacturer has also launched the new C series of power supplies, especially suitable for gaming-oriented systems (or so they sell them at least). With efficiency certification 80 Plus Bronze, are available in 550, 650 and 750 watts and all of them have a semi-modular wiring design and a 5-year warranty.

The manufacturer has therefore sacrificed the fully modular C850 it had in this family of PSUs, but says the newer models have quieter performance with better operating temperatures despite lower fan RPMs.

Again, these new sources are marked with availability “coming soon” at a suggested retail price of € 79.99 for the C550 Bronze model, € 89.99 for the C650 Bronze model and € 99.99 for the 750 watt model , the C750 Bronze.

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