[O QUE ESTAMOS ASSISTINDO?] Bel-Air, Brotherhood and more! See May’s Picks

While the team at TecMasters eagerly awaits the premiere of the new season of ‘Stranger Things’, the way is to kill time with other requests for our special ‘What are we watching?‘ Of this month.

Among the first on the list is the long-awaited Bel-Air. The drama, a remake of ‘Um Maluco no Pedaço’, was released in February with transmission by Peacock streaming and arrived on Brazilian devices only this month (and after being postponed, even to the sadness of fans).

In addition, we also have a Brazilian production among the gringos: the second season of ‘Irmandade’, starring Naruna Costa and Seu Jorge, not to mention the soundtrack by the incomparable Racionais MC’s. Come see the May selection and don’t forget to tell us in the comments what you’ve been watching too? We want to know!

What are we watching?

By: Alvaro Scola Neto

I watched the series Um Maluco no Pedaço at least 4 full times, getting to memorize many of the dialogues and jokes that were made. When the first teaser of what could become a drama series from the production was released, it immediately caught my attention!

I haven’t had a chance to watch the latest episodes yet, but I liked the way that Bel-Air is treating the characters with a different personality, and the intrigues are — to say the least — quite interesting. It’s true that I’d like to see more references to the original series — and a joke or two to break the rhythm — but I’m still enjoying this “different perspective” of a Freak in the Hill, aka Bel-Air.

where to watch:Star+

[O QUE ESTAMOS ASSISTINDO?]  Bel-Air, Brotherhood and more!  See May's Picks By: César Schaeffer

The Brazilian series, which has Seu Jorge as the protagonist, is not so popular by chance. In addition to the great performance of the cast, it puts its finger on the wound of a series of social problems, police corruption and, of course, the violence that plagues Brazil and the entire prison system. It’s hard not to want to watch it all at once! I personally saw it in two days.

In six episodes that mix violence and power, Cabuloso — formerly Edinho, the leader of the Brotherhood — sees his empire crumble little by little, while his sister Cristina uses her intelligence to deal with enemies and change the course of history by getting a taste of power for the first time. The unexpected ending leaves doubts about a third season. And, for fans of national rap, a bonus: Ice Blue, by Racionais MC’s, Sandrão, Helião and DJCIA — all from the RZO group — play important characters in the plot. Right is right!

where to watch: Netflix

Making the Billion Dollar Code
Liliane Nakagawa By: Liliane Nakagawa
‘Making the Billion Dollar Code’ is a documentary that tells the story behind the German project Terravision, or is it the origin of Google Earth? I imagine that you don’t know the first one, even more if you use Google.

Terravision was a joint project of Weathernews International (Hiro Ishibashi and Andreas Schneider), Art+COM, and DeTeBerkom that emerged in Berlin, conceived by two young men: a Hungarian hacker from Chaos Computer Club and a German art professional from Art+COM.

Sauter (concept and art director), Mayer (reality engineer), Grüneis (project manager) and Schmidt (ideas and 3D renderer) were responsible for what would later become, with a leak, the representation program. 3D of planet Earth based on Google satellite imagery, Google Earth.

The doc, which yielded a miniseries by Netflix (‘The Billion Dollar Code’) based on real events, is narrated through the minds by behind the billionaire code, who share, in addition to the facts that led to a patent infringement dispute against the megacorporation in 2014, the feeling of dissatisfaction, defeat and injustice.

For those who want to know a little more about one of the (ugly) realities of Big Tech and are interested in watching the miniseries later, I suggest starting with the documentary directed by Gunnar Weber. Both were dedicated to Sauter, who died in July 2021 of cancer.

where to watch: Netflix

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories
Tissiane Vincentin By: Tissiane Vincentin

Guess the choice of the time? Drama, of course. But it’s a light drama, I promise. In Midnight Diner, “customers of a Japanese restaurant find deep connections with each other from a shared interest in the same dish”, this is the description of the series, but it doesn’t come close to the stories told by the characters from encounters of, of In fact, they take place in the restaurant of “Master”, as the chef and owner of Meshiya is called.

I’m particularly passionate about series that revolve around food (and I also love Japanese culture), so this title, in particular, captivated me because it shows at the end of each episode how to make typical dishes, with tips that make the dish exceptional, and that touch of affective memory for those involved in the preparation (and in the story of the time). I would say the series is a hug, a nurturing, and it illustrates well what food means to most people in the world: connection — and, for me, the ultimate display of affection! For those who are fans of manga, you can also enjoy and read the stories of the eponymous production by Yarō Abe, used to support the series.

where to watch: Netflix

What are we watching?

This is one of the specials published monthly here on TecMasters, with choices made by the editorial team. Recommendations for the next one? Leave it in the comments!

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