OBS Studio comes to Steam, only for Windows and Mac

The popular video capture program OBS Studio expands its borders and can now be found on Steamwhere in addition to games, more and more applications have found a niche from which to extend their distribution, taking advantage of the advantages of the platform and its large user base.

In fact, it might seem that OBS Studio fits perfectly into Steam and it does, but there are many other applications that have gone down the same path before and not all of them have to do with the gaming theme. Quite the contrary: more and more applications of all kinds choose to add to Steam as an additional distribution channel.

In the case of OBS Studio, however, it seems like a more natural decision, considering that we are talking about the program of video capture and streaming currently most popular among streamersread those who record and do live shows on platforms like YouTube or Twitch, often broadcasting games or with games like leitmotiv.

OBS Studio is also one of the most popular open source applications of the moment, inside and outside its category, where it is the de facto standard regardless of the operating system on which it runs, with the most unusual integrations, from NVIDIA Broadcast to Telegram. This is also coincidentally ending up on Steam, where it shares space with so many other well-known open source apps.


OBS Studio and its characteristic interface

It is also common that some of the open source applications that are available on Steam -or, for that matter, in software stores such as the Microsoft Store or Google Play- do so at a cost that does not exist when downloading the app. application from the official website, somehow exchanging the easy access for a small sum of money that helps the project.

OBS Studio has not done it, but maintains its free also on Steam, as you can see on the product page. What it does not maintain in its jump to the Valve store is its multiplatform sense, and that is that it can only be installed on Windows and Mac. The Linux version is relegated to the platform’s own media, precisely because there are several.

If you’re interested in using OBS on Linux, however, we recommend the Flatpak package, which is maintained by the OBS Studio team, as long as you can’t find a native package for your distribution.

The question you may be asking yourself is what is the advantage of installing OBS Studio -or, for that matter, any other application- from Steam, instead of downloading it from its official site? There are those who prefer it to unify all their applications in software stores that are in charge of updates, since there are applications that still do not update automatically…

… And there are those who live longer in the Steam interface than in Windows itself. On the other hand, Steam provides, for example, the time each installed game or application is used, which some also like. For more information about OBS Studio on Steam, see the project’s FAQ.

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