Offer at Razer !; Viper Ultimate, Viper Mini and Seiren Emote

The avalanche is approaching, the key date is approaching where prices fall, brands know it and do not want to compete against others at the same time causing their prices to fall to the limit they do not want. Therefore, this year we have the pre Black Friday, a few weeks where there is much more margin of play and Razer knows it, so it has put at our disposal three peripherals on sale: Viper Ultimate, Viper Mini and Seire Emote.

Whoa, what do we have here? Well, brutal discounts as few times have been seen, to the point that they are historical minimum prices for these three peripherals. Are you going to miss them? Of course not, so let’s get to know them.

Razer Seiren Emote

Undoubtedly one of the most characteristic microphones of all time focused without a doubt on streamers, since it integrates an LED screen to show emoticons and certain GIFs with 8 bits that will allow us to choose from more than 100 predetermined designs.

Logically we can also create a specific one and to our liking, so there the degree of options is endless. Perhaps the most curious thing about this microphone is that those emoticons can interact with the users of our YouTube or Switch channel. It’s a hypercardioid microphone with an impact support so that if we have a fall, movement on the table or anything we can always be heard clearly.

In addition, said stand is flexible and adjustable, which makes it perfect for the best ergonomics and viewing. We can buy it today for 89.99 euros after falling a 53% of its normal price, being a historical minimum.

Razer Viper Mini

Small, compact, but no less fast. With only 61 grams weight we are talking about a mouse that will adapt to the smallest hands like a glove and that with its optical switches we will have the fastest possible operation, at the speed of light never better said.

Your optical sensor Pixart 3359 reaches the 8500 dpi being really precise and we will only find a problem if we are one of those who lift the mouse a lot from the mat to reposition it because we play between 600 DPI and 1000 DPI. This is something that the vast majority of users are not affected by, because they do not lift the mouse very much and the sensor does not lose its way, but it will be decisive for those who do so regularly.

In exchange for this selective drawback, it offers us an ultralight ambidextrous design, its cable is of the SpeedFlex type and supports Chroma RGB. Without a doubt the best thing is its price, since it falls from 49.99 euros to 24.99 euros, a discount of fifty%.

Razer Viper Ultimate

It is undoubtedly the older brother of the series and reasons are not lacking. It integrates Razer’s Hyperspeed wireless technology that the manufacturer itself has classified as the fastest on the market, to the point that it seems imperceptible even for a professional gamer.

Its optical sensor is patented: Razer Focus +, reaching the 20,000 DPI with an accuracy guaranteed by the brand of 99.6% Thanks to the use of an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that makes a forecast of the player’s next movements.

The optical switches using infrared beam could not be missing, which are now so fast that it is almost impossible to get ahead with a response time of only 0.2 ms. Weighs only 74 grams, has a battery life of 70 hours, 5 memory profiles, 8 programmable buttons, a charging base and a price of only 75 euros. This represents a discount of 46% vs. yesterday for this Razer Viper Ultimate.

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