Offer: buy a Trust gaming headset and get others for free

Back to action! This is how the brand has called the campaign that it has just presented for users and that, as we have commented, will have a prize. Many users need to renew their technology accessories, where most are sure that they are wireless due to their greater portability, that is why Trust is ahead of the rest and offers us these devices at a great price and also, we can take some free Primo Touch Bluetooth.

Three promotional items for this offer

Trust has selected three articles in total to launch this offer, which we will detail below. These articles cover all the needs of both gamers and users and professionals, each within their segment, so there is no excuse not to take the Primo Touch Bluetooth by the face!

What do we have to do to get these Trust Primo Touch for free? Well, it is simple, we will only have to buy one or more products for an amount of 50 euros or more, after which we will have to register with the purchase ticket on the promotion website.

This offer is available from August 23 to September 30, so don’t take too long!

Trust Ymo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Pack

This wireless keyboard and mouse kit is designed for those who need to improve their productivity. For this reason, Trust has thought of everything and equipped them with very silent, so that the sound of the typical mechanical keyboard does not hammer us for 8 hours.

Of course, both are wireless, which improves the ergonomics of our arms and wrists due to the comfort of being able to move freely. In addition, the keyboard is resistant to liquids, which helps if we are short of time and by mistake we dump something on top of the rush.

The mouse for its part has quiet clicks like its brother, and also has an adjustable DPI button to change the resolution of the optical sensor.

Trust GXT 323 CARUS

Here we are in another segment, that of gaming. And it is that these Trust GXT 323 CARUS are the perfect complement for your setup. We are talking about headphones with two 50 mm drivers that present a high quality sound with bass that they claim to be thunderous. It has a flexible microphone that can be adapted to our liking to improve the clarity of the voice according to the distance.

As a good gaming headset, it has controls in the atrium that will allow us to raise or lower the volume and mute the microphone with the press of a button. The cable is twisted and is 1.2 meters long, where thanks to its connector 3.5 mini jack we can use them both on PC and consoles.

Trust Primo Touch

We are before the model that the brand gives away and that we can also buy individually. They are Bluetooth headphones that offer an extra long wireless range and a charger so that we do not run out of battery anywhere, as it is compact and portable.

We can separate them from the sound source by up to 10 meters, move smoothly and freely without losing the audio, always with a maximum playback time of 4 hours on a single charge.

The case where they are stored has an included battery that serves to charge them individually if it needs to be plugged into any power source. This fact would give us a maximum charge of up to 10 hours. Of course we are talking about tactile headphones, where with a single touch we can play, stop or skip the songs of our device and of course, accept or hang up calls, since it includes a microphone.

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