Offer: Buy this robot vacuum cleaner at its historical minimum for only 99 euros

Cecotec Conga 999 Origin X-Treme

Didn’t have time to buy a robot vacuum for Prime Day? Did nothing you saw end up conquering you? Do not worry because the offer that you were really waiting for has just knocked on your door. It turns out that you can now get an interesting model for less than 100 euro and make sure that you also leave the house sparkling with very little spent. What do you tell us, are you convinced or not?

Cecotec Conga 999 Origin X-Treme

You already know that Cecotec has a large catalog of products for the home, among which, as is normal, robot vacuum cleaners also have a place. And within this family we find the Conga 999 Origin X-Tremeone of its most popular models and the one that receives the best reviews from its users, judging by the ratings (more than 7 thousand) that can be read on Amazon.

This equipment boasts of being a full-fledged 5-in-1: sweeps, vacuums, mops, scrubs and dries. The manufacturer explains that it has a suction mouth without a central brush to avoid tangles and it comes with 2 side brushes for sweeping with more reach and is accompanied by 2 mops to have spare parts.

Its autonomous movement technology, which allows it to move intelligently around the house, is here called Random, being able to adapt to the house, detect obstacles and avoid falls in areas with different heights such as a stairway.

Cecotec Conga 999 Origin X-Treme

With an autonomy of 120 minutes (after which it returns to its base to charge and then resume work if necessary), the robot can be controlled both by remote control and by mobile appwhere you can select the cleaning mode, suction or scrubbing level and, of course, program your work tasks so that you work alone.

Now at the minimum price

If you like everything we’ve told you about this Conga 999 Origin X-Treme, you should know that it’s now back at an all-time low, thanks to a 29% discount. In this way, of the 139 euros that it officially costs -a cost that is already quite attractive and adjusted for all budgets-, it now remains in only 99 euroan even more interesting and manageable cost if possible.

Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon, you still have time to buy it today (in the next 2 hours) and receive it like this on Wednesday, ready and ready to clean your house without you doing anything else. Do not you think it anymore.

Cecotec Conga 999 Origin X-Treme

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