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Summer has only just begun. We have just over two months to go to the beach or the pool, share barbecues with friends and eat ice cream to bursting. There are many reasons why summer may be your favorite time of year. One of those reasons may be music. And it is that, summer is usually marked by all those songs that we listen to in beach bars, concerts and nightclubs that are later recorded in our memory for years. This year, amazon It will make it very easy for you, because you will be able to listen to music without interruptions and with impressive quality throughout the summer for free.

Enjoy a whole summer of music without limits or ads

There is currently a lot of competition in the market for music streaming. For many years, Spotify has been practically eating the market alone in our country. Little by little, new companies have entered this business, and Spotify has been left behind, although it has retained a large part of its public.

Amazon currently has a large music service, which also competes with Apple Music and Tidal, among many others. However, those of Jeff Bezos consider that MusicUnlimited It still doesn’t have the popularity it deserves. For the same reason, Amazon has decided that this summer you will be able to listen to its service during 3 or 4 months completely free, depending on your user account and if you have already tried it before -If you access the button below, you will check how many correspond to you. A few months that are going to give you a lot of play, because you will be able to explore its catalog of 90 million songs.

You can activate the offer right now to have free access to Amazon Music Unlimited. Once the trial ends, the service will cost 9.99 euros per month. Nevertheless, you can cancel the renewal whenever you wanteven before the end of the test (without subtracting days, of course).

Amazon Music Unlimited vs. other services

specs amazon music unlimited.

Is it worth switching to MusicUnlimited? The best thing is that you discover it yourself by starting the test. After all, you will be able to use the platform with total freedom and without paying anything for three months. No ads or interruptions. There is no better way to find out if this service is for you or not.

Compared to the competition, Music Unlimited offers a service very similar to what Apple Music and Tidal give us for the same price. Its catalog offers songs with lossless quality and with spatial audio technology, as well as offering us compatibility with Dolby Atmos.

However, it must be recognized that both Apple, Amazon and Tidal currently offer a service that far exceeds what Spotify gives us for the same money. All these services have catalogs of 70-75 million songs, but there are differences at the sound level. Spotify Premium offers a maximum range of 320 kbps, while the rest of the services we have mentioned already have songs without compression, which translates into greater preservation of the details of the original recordings of the tracks. These differences are especially noticeable when using quality speakers or headphones.

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