Offer: Kindle Paperwhite at an all-time low, with Unlimited as a gift!

Kindle Paperwhite to minimum

It is not the first time (nor will it be the last) that we tell you that the Paperwhite is our favorite Kindle. That is why now that it is on sale at its historical minimum price, we can not do anything other than notify you here.

The Amazon team is currently priced at 94.99 euros, which represents a reduction of 27% compared to its original cost (of 129.99 euros). A fantastic opportunity to get this attractive device with which you can read for weeks without the need for a plug, carrying hundreds of books with you, and whose new edition of 2021 (presented yesterday) rises to a considerable 180 euros.

Remember that the Paperwhite has a comfortable screen 6 inches without reflections and with a density of 300 dpi. Its illumination is supported by 5 LEDs (perfect for low light conditions) and the body resists even splashes, thanks to its IPX8 certification.

With 8 GB of storage and WiFi connectivity, its other attractive point in the case of this offer is the possibility of trying Kindle Unlimited, which comes as a gift for use for three months without having to pay anything.

Three free months of Kindle Unlimited

If the Kindle Unlimited service has always caught your attention but you have never decided to take the step, your time is now. Along with the purchase of the Paperwhite with the aforementioned discount you can sign up during three months to the book platform and not pay anything until after that time – whenever you want, of course.

Unlimited is the Amazon virtual library, a place where you can access thousands of titles from anywhere and at any time without paying anything for them. Let’s say it’s an “open bar” or the Spotify of books, as many call it.

Its usual price is 9.90 euros per month, but this time you can enjoy it for three months free and after that finally decide whether or not you want to sign up (without any kind of commitment). You will only have to remember to unsubscribe before the trial period expires so that Amazon does not automatically charge you the next monthly payment and that’s it.

As a last note, you should know that the Kindle Paperwhite is on sale with or without the free subscription to Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t want to sign up, just select the yellow “No Kindle Unlimited” button and you’re done.

The headphones on sale in this article have links that are part of our agreement with the Amazon Affiliate Program, being able to report a small commission with their sale (without influencing the price you pay). Even so, the decision to publish them has been taken freely, under editorial criteria, without attending to requests from the brands involved.

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