Offer! minimum price on the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core headset

If after this offer these HyperX Cloud Stinger Core are not sold out in a matter of hours… It is because very few people even want to treat themselves. It’s not that you need them, or yes, but if the cost drops so much and Amazon offers an offer like that, well, hey, you’ll have to go for them, right? Because it seems to be a product out of stock at any time!

Only once in history since there are records have these gaming headphones been at a price almost the same as now and from what we see in the company’s records it could have been a one-off offer, because the price bounced back to its normal value. In any case, they have never been as cheap as they are now, so if this is another occasional offer, run for it!

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core: It doesn’t get any better

HyperX cloud stinger core wireless 7.1 microphone

And it is that for the price they have, it is impossible to improve the offer that Amazon makes us, but before knowing their value, let’s take a look at these gaming headphones.

Do not expect great shrillness, we are in the entry range of the brand and that is not why they are a bad product in itself, since their normal value is in the range of 40 euros. They are entry-level headphones that are designed for consoles and focused on offering the most at a good price and within the possibilities of that range.

The main feature that will catch our attention is that for the price they have they offer features that others in said GAP do not get. From audio controls on the cable and not on the headset, to a high-quality padded headband that in turn connects to the two headsets through a more than interesting expansion system.

This system adjusts to the desired length to improve comfort, so it is an interesting fact in this price range.

More than competent drivers for gaming


What is undoubtedly the key to these HyperX Cloud Stinger Core are their drivers, which are directional and have a size of 40mm, which together with its closed design allow optimal soundproofing while immersed in the game. The frequency response curiously does not differ from that of its older brothers, which is a pleasant surprise: from 20 to 2000Hz, in addition, its Mini Jack of 3.5mm is 4 pole with stereo sound, an interesting point to consider.

To finish we have to say that its microphone provides noise cancellation and its compatibility is for PS4, PS5, Xbox and Switch. Its price falls from €39.99 up to 16.45 euros, a discount of 59%. A real gift that we don’t know how long it will last, go for it!

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