Offer on the CORSAIR RM1000X font, get ready for the new GPUs!

Without a doubt, CORSAIR is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry in several terms, where on PSU it competes head-to-head with Seasonic. For this reason and given the range we are talking about, the quality is indisputable and more in a source like the RM1000X.

Any discount is welcome and 1000 watts are appreciated

As we saw last week, the new ATX12VO standard will bring a new power connector for the motherboard and many of us feared that this would mean either new power cables or having to go through the box once again when purchasing a new computer. .

In the end it will not be like that, since for example CORSAIR already has an adapter for the 24-pin cable, so the money we invest today will be safe with PSUs like the one we are going to present. And is that this CORSAIR RM1000X is a 1000 watt PSU with 80+ Gold certification that has the ability to be fully modular.

This means that we will only have to install the cables strictly necessary for our PC, improving the cable management and interior ventilation. Continuing with the ventilation, this source has the peculiarity that the 135mm fan that houses to cool it is magnetic levitation like the CORSAIR PRO range, which improves the loudness and longevity of the same without affecting the performance.

CORSAIR RM1000X: 100% high efficiency capacitors


We are not going to make an exhaustive analysis of this model since we already analyzed it at the time in March of this year, but we will say that the Japanese capacitors that it integrates are the best on the market, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 105ยบ C The power delivery was as expected, solid, without fluctuations and with a very high efficiency, practically bordering on the Titanium certification at times.

Possibly your best asset is LLC topology with DC-DC converter high efficiency, allowing minimal heat to escape and keeping the rails always at their correct voltage, something that our PC and components will appreciate.

As for the price, until yesterday it was estimated at 171.90 euros, but after this offer it is currently at a price of 161.95 euros, a 6% discount, which is a surprise amid the price escalation of these components.

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