Offer on the high-performance Qnap TS-464-4G NAS

have a device NAS in your home can be an excellent idea to be able to centralize all your files, documents and videos in one place, accessible from anywhere and from any device. There are many NAS on the market that offer you this and much more, but not all of them can be described as high performance like this one Qnap which we are going to talk about today and which, moreover, agrees offer.

One of the advantages of having a NAS is that you can create a single RAID volume of several hard drives, allowing you to mount a unit with a high capacity but also has fault tolerance, so that if one of the hard drives were to fail , you would not lose any information, you could replace it with another and nothing would have happened. Furthermore, by having them installed on a separate device with low consumption, it will always be available without having to turn on the PC for it.

This high-performance NAS gives you everything

Today we are going to talk about Qnap TS-464-4G, a high-performance NAS that is quite different from its rivals, at least technically speaking. It is capable of accommodating up to 4 x 22TB hard drives each (with which you could have up to 88 TB of storage, although if you configure them in RAID 5 to have fault tolerance you would have approximately 66 TB of capacity.

Qnap NAS high performance

This NAS is powered by an Intel Celeron N5095 processor with four cores and four processing threads at 2.9 GHz, accompanied in this case by 4GB of DDR4 RAM, more than enough to, for example, mount a media server with Plex. If at any time this falls short, you should know that RAM is expandable, and you could install up to 2 modules of 8 GB each in SO-DIMM format to have 16 GB of RAM.

The Qnap TS-464-4G comes with 4 GB of flash storage for the operating system, making it one of the few NAS that works even without hard drives installed inside. In addition, it has two slots PCIe M.2 2280 3.0 to be able to install SSD cache and improve its performance to professional levels. It also incorporates two LAN ports 2.5GbE for the best network connectivity, as well as two ports USB 3.2 Gen 2 (has two additional USB 2.0) and even an output HDMI 2.1 to be able to connect it directly to a TV.

In addition, if this seems little to you, you can also install a PCIe 3.0 x2 expansion card to expand its basic functionality, and there we could install, for example, a Multi-Gig 10 GbE network card to further improve its transmission speed over the network (with this card, according to the manufacturer, this NAS is capable of offering transfer rates of up to 1,647 MB/s in Windows).

Offer price and availability

As we said before, this is a high-performance NAS and therefore its price is well above other NAS with inferior features. Despite this, right now it has an interesting offer on Amazon Spain through which you can save a little over 72 Euros on your purchase, so it is a very good opportunity to get hold of it if you were looking for a high-performance device for your home. or business (because it is perfectly valid as a file server for a SME, for example).

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