Offer on the Ozone Mini Tactical, the smallest keyboard with Bluetooth

The Christmas offers on Amazon are here, because this does not stop and after Black Friday we have to catch our breath again to prepare ourselves from here until the end of kings with the best discounts in the country. Ozone has the first stake, since he has put his new Tactical Mini On sale with a discount more than succulent for a keyboard that is a “cucada”.

There is no doubt that users are seeing the benefits of a more compact keyboard, smaller and with just enough to be able to work or play. Formerly it was very difficult to find this type of peripheral where many cost a good amount for the few units that were manufactured and also, not all had a decent performance. Luckily that is not the case today and thanks to keyboards like this we can enjoy a very high performance for a very reasonable price.

Ozone Tactical Mini

What we will find here is a mini mechanical keyboard in a format known as 65%, which is fully compatible with the main operating systems for both PCs and smartphones. It is so compact that many will be impressed by the size once they have it in their hands and may feel strange at first, but if the numpad is not something you use this model will change your mind about something so small.

It is light, thin and elegant, but not for that reason it is lacking in functionality or features, quite the contrary, since Ozone has included mechanical switches OUTEMU RED which will also be accompanied by anti ghosting technology on up to 6 keys.

These switches are used for keyboards that want to compete in price, since the brand offers them with very reasonable prices, which is not synonymous with mediocre performance or low durability, but on the contrary. As they are linear, the pulsation quality is guaranteed, when writing we will have a first-rate mechanical touch and to play even better since they are the fastest that the brand has.

Its durability is at the level of the best: 50 million keystrokess, so that section is more than covered. Although it is a 65% keyboard, we get the possibility of creating and managing up to 6 macros in total regardless of the key that we want to configure through its software.

RGB and wired or wireless lighting

RGB is today an almost indispensable requirement for any gaming peripheral and the truth is that at night it is tremendously useful when you configure it to your liking. Here it was not going to be less, since this Ozone Tactical Mini can be configured by software to choose the effects. On the other hand, its quality of being 65% and also having Bluetooth 5.0 or cable as a choice according to our needs it is not something that we can easily find in the market.

Of course the size does not influence the connectivity, because with 310 x 101 x 38 mm we are facing one of the smallest existing keyboards. Logically we have a layout of QWERTY keys in Spanish and also a 28% discount from 59.90 euros to some interesting 42.90 euros. Do not let it escape!

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