Offer on the WD BLACK SN750 SE 500GB SSD, 15% off!

Surely you were waiting for Black Friday to get yourself a good SSD, because that date may not arrive, because with this offer it is really difficult for us to find a better price at that event … And if you do not look and compare.

WD BLACK SN750 SE 500 GB, the cheapest?

The first thing we should know about this SSD is that it really differs from its normal version, since this, as we have specified, is the SE or Second Edition. And knowing the minimum difference in its name, what differences are there and why is it coming to market as SE?

Well, really quite a few things differentiate them, although it is true that these are minimal as such. To put it in some way, the SE version is an upgrade, an update of the original that seeks to reduce costs by adding more technical characteristics.

In this version of 500 GB what we find is an SSD in format M.2 2280 with NVMe protocol that carries a length of 80 mm, a width of 22 mm and a height of 2.38 mm and here comes the first difference, since although they share dimensions, the original WD SN750 can be achieved with a heatsink, which the WD SN750 SE no.

Comparatively speaking and leaving this detail aside, the weight for both units is the same, only 7.5 grams, but if we talk about its interface, here we find the most palpable difference. This SE version is compatible with PCIe Gen 4.0, while his brother stays at 3.0, a curious fact that would make us think that performance is going to skyrocket, but …

The interface does not matter, but the NAND Flash and its controller


In this version of the WD SN750 SE 500 GB we find a very curious casuistry and that is that despite being PCIe 4.0 its sequential reading speed is only 3,600 MB / s, when his brother’s is 3,430 MB / s despite having half the bandwidth.

In sequential writing the exact same thing happens if we compare them in these 500 GB, but the opposite happens: the younger brother is faster. And it is that this version is achieved 2,000 MB / s, while your immediate family member goes to the 2,600 MB / s, very curious without a doubt.

In return, this WD SN750 SE 500 GB gives us more IOPS in writing (480K vs 380K), which is quite an important advantage. Another curiosity is that they share durability and resistance with nothing less than 300 TBW and a reliability MTTF from 1,750,000 hours.

Its operating range is 0 to 70ยบ C, where the Throttling will appear and they also share a 5-year warranty, so we could say that this WD SN750 SE 500 GB is an improved version and cheaper than that of its brother, especially now that it is a 15% cheaper to go down to 74.79 euros.

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