Offer on Windows and Office licenses in July 2023

As always, we have to remind you first of all that the purchase and sale of software licenses is completely legal according to a ruling of the European Court of Justice in 2012, so you do not have to worry about legality (in fact, if it were not legal we would not be promoting it here).

Offer on Windows and Office licenses, up to 91% discount!

Whatever version of Windows you have, with an original license you can legalize your operating system and thus receive all the functionality and security updates necessary for the proper functioning of your PC. Also, remember that if you have original Windows 10 you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

If what you are looking for is an Office license, here we leave you the best offers. All licenses are forever except for Office 365, which, as it is pay-per-use, the license is for one year.


Of course, if you want to buy both Windows and Office there is also an offer for you to save a little more money.

And if you need another type of software such as SQL Server or Visual Studio, you also have it on offer:

You will see that in all the links that we have put we have added that you have a 35% discount with the code HZ35and the price that we have set is already calculated with said discount.

To use this code, add the licenses you want to buy to the shopping cart and click on it; in the lower left part you will see that there is a drawer in which to write, and that is where you should put HZ35 and click apply to apply the discount.

discount HZ35

Once this is done, you can continue with the purchase process as normal, just like you would in any online store. After confirming the payment (we recommend PayPal because it is very safe and instant), in a couple of minutes you will receive your licenses, both by email and on your store customer page.

buy cdkeysales

How to activate Windows 10

Once you have the license in your possession, it’s time to use it to activate your copy of Windows. To do this, click Start and then click Settings; In the window that opens, navigate in the menu on the left to Update and security -> Activation, and you will see that in the middle area it says “Change license key”, which is where you should click.

Activate Windows 10

In the box that appears, paste (CTRL + V) or type the license you have purchased, click Next and your PC will connect to Microsoft servers to validate that the license is legitimate. In a few seconds, your operating system will be activated forever.

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