Offer: Sony’s famous wireless phones return to the historical minimum

It is impossible to talk about headphones with good noise cancellation and not mention the famous proposal of Sony. The WH1000X are possibly the over-ears par excellence when it comes to highlighting the aforementioned feature thanks to a quality/price ratio that other brands have not been able to match. But what if your Last generation further improve the cost? That’s what just happened with the latest generation of headphones, now available at record low on amazon. Don’t let them escape.

The Sony WH1000XM4 cheaper than ever

If the Sony WH1000XM4 are already attractive and tempting, now they are much more so thanks to the significant price drop they have on Amazon. And it is that the showcase of the electronic giant is currently offering a discount of 25 euros on its cost, already reduced, which means that of the 380 euros that it officially costs, drop to 249 eurosits price record low practically – this figure has only been exceeded once, for a subtle difference of only 2 euros, wow. you will be saving 131 euros, which is said soon.

Therefore, if you want to get hold of one of the most popular over-ears on the market and one that generates the most satisfaction among its users, you cannot miss out on such an opportunity. Available in both black and beige, the discount of 25 euros is automatically discounted in the purchase process, so you will see the final price of 249 euros in the final step of the order process. Keep that in mind and click the button below.

Very balanced headphones

In case you do not know the benefits of these headphones, we will quickly bring you up to date. The Japanese firm’s over-ear headphones have an attractive and ergonomic design, with a headband that is very comfortable on the head while releasing pressure to be less heavy.

Their most outstanding technology (and the one that has earned them so much fame) is the active noise cancellation thanks to the HD Noise Canceling QN1 processor, which isolates you perfectly from the outside. In case you want to interact with someone or something, you will only have to put your hand on one of the headphones and a mode will immediately be activated. Ambient Sound to allow outside sound to pass through very effectively. They also boast of the function Speak-to-chat with which just by speaking, the music stops and the aforementioned transparency mode is activated so that you can speak with your interlocutor without problems.


Its sound quality is fantastic, supporting High Res Audio and outputting compressed music that is rescaled using DSEEE Extreme technology, allows multipoint connection (can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time) and has a range of no less than 30 hours using Noise Cancelling. When charging them, they offer a quick “shot” that allows in just 10 minutes to achieve a charge equivalent to 5 hours of playback.

Very complete headphones (they come with a hard carrying case and zipper for transport) that will not disappoint you.


The Amazon link you see in this article is part of our agreement with their affiliate program and may earn us a small commission. Even so, the decision to publish it has been made freely, under the editorial criteria of El Output, without attending to suggestions or requests from the brands involved. The offer is simply too good not to let you know about it.

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