Offers! Apple Pencil, keyboard, mouse for Mac and more accessories

If you are hunting for bargains for your Apple devices, you should know that we can currently find some discounted accessories on Amazon. From the ever-exciting Apple Pencil for iPad to must-have peripherals for Mac. Here are the best deals out there today.

The discounts on iPad accessories

If you check the compatibility of Apple Pencil you will see that there are many Apple tablets that can be used with these stylus. Of course, make sure they are with the first or second generation model, since they are not compatible with each other. Sold for 13 and 16 euros less, which are not exorbitant discounts, but they are at least interesting.

Also in relation to keyboards we find offers. In the case of the Smart Keyboard, compatible with the 11-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air 4, the discount is only 8 euros. Higher is the Magic Keyboard compatible with the 12.9-inch ‘Pro’, available for 80 euros less in black or with a discount of 17 euros on the white model.

magic keyboard and ipad pro 2021

More offers on accessories that also work for Mac

The renewed Magic keyboard It is on sale as well, being an ideal keyboard for Mac mini or iMac, but also to use with a MacBook if it is connected to an external monitor. Although if you wish it can also be used for iPad. Unfortunately, the version with Touch ID does not have a discount, but at least we find 10 euros off the normal.

magic keyboard and magic mouse imac m1

The loved one (and hated in equal measure) Magic mouse 2 meets a discount of 26 euros which makes it very tempting. The powerful mouse for Mac and iPad, with additional functionality through gestures, usually costs almost 100 euros at Apple, so the 27% offer is how much less to consider.

BONUS: renew your Apple TV remote

If you have an Apple TV HD or 4K, you probably have the old model of remote. Although it is true that habit makes it more comfortable, it is still a bit intuitive in the end. The new Siri Remote, which is what it is called, now has a reduction of 10 eurosthat, despite still being a high price, makes it at least hurt less to pay for it.

Siri Remote

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