Office 2021 already has a release date, and it will be familiar to us

Although we all have in mind Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, the company is also preparing another important launch that, although we knew it would take place this year, did not yet have a definitive date: the new Office 2021. The Microsoft office suite is renewed and will allow users who do not yet have Office 365 contracted to have the latest improvements and news in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Well now we know when this new version will arrive. And the release date is, at best, curious.

October 5, a key date for Microsoft

A few weeks ago Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 11, its new operating system. This new OS will reach users in just 3 weeks, specifically the next October 5, 2021. In addition, just a few hours ago, Microsoft also announced the release date of its new Office 2021 suite. And, surprisingly, it will arrive on the same day as Windows 11.

It is true that this new version will not bring significant changes. All the news that we will see in it (with respect to Office 2019) are already available in the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint versions of the Office 365 edition. To go into a bit of detail, some of the most relevant news that we can find here are:

  • New XLOOKUP function.
  • Dynamic arrais.
  • New LET function.
  • New XMATCH function.
  • Record Slide Show improvements.
  • Translator and pen in Outlook.
  • New visual design, with rounded corners and more.
  • Microsoft Search.
  • New tool for drawing tables.
  • Support for OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3.
  • Visio integration with Azure and AWS.
  • Precise color picker.
  • New and improved dark mode.
  • Collaboration improvements.

Excel interface

On the same day that Microsoft’s new operating system will arrive, we will also be able to go to the store to buy our copy of Office 2021. Of course, we must bear in mind that the Professional, Professional Plus and Standard editions will increase your price by 10%, although the Home and Student and Home and Business editions will maintain the prices they have been using until now.

If we are already Office 365 users we don’t have to worry. The suite will be updated and, for a long time, we will have the news included in this new version without having to pay absolutely anything else.

Office 2021 LTSC now available

Along with the Office 2021 that we can all buy, Microsoft has a version specially designed for companies, the Long-Term Servicing Channel. Office LTSC stands out for including fewer new features, but being a much more stable suite with much longer support. Specifically, this new version will be supported by Microsoft for 5 years, just like the Windows Enterprise LTSC versions.

Since yesterday, this LTSC version of the office suite is available to all users. Therefore, we only have to go to the Microsoft store and buy the license for this version. In any case, like Windows LTSC, this edition of the office suite is designed, above all, for companies. Users who use it at home, on a personal level, must use the normal version of Office, which is also more advanced.

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