Official: Apple announces WWDC 2022 with iOS 16 and other news

WWDC is back online

Despite the fact that little by little normality is returning to all areas of daily life, the Cupertino company does not want to get its fingers caught and has announced that the next WWDC 2022 will maintain the online modethat is, it will be a recorded event and the usual workshops for developers will be carried out online again.

WWDC 2022

The date chosen by the Cupertino company to start the WWDC has been the next June 6, 2022. There is still plenty of time for it, but we can’t stop dreaming about what we can see at the developer conference that has brought us so many surprises in each edition. Surely, for all the lucky ones who used to attend these events, it is a cold water jug, since there was a possibility that Apple would return to face-to-face. But the truth is that since the Cupertino company records the events, they have become authentic audiovisual works of art, making these presentations much more dynamic and attractive for the majority of users.

What will Apple present?

The big question whenever Apple announces an event of this type is what it will actually present. Well, except for surprise, this WWDC 2022 will be marked, how could it be otherwise, by the softwarethat is, for all the operating systems that the next devices of the Cupertino company will carry.

ios 15 on iphone 13

Usually, the great protagonist, or at least the one that always gets all eyes and the great attention of the public, is iOS, in this case, iOS 16. Although we are always willing to allow other operating systems such as iPadOS, watchOS and macOS leave us with our mouths open or, who knows, if in this edition we may see some surprise in the form of a new operating system for a new Apple product.

In terms of hardware, the most normal thing is that we do not see anything, since it is an event or a conference focused on developers and software. However, as the date chosen by Apple approaches, certain rumors of the presentation of a new product always come to light, so you have to be attentiveand in this edition more than ever, because if a new operating system is presented, it is normal for it to be accompanied by a new type of product that currently Apple does not have within its equipment.

MacBook Pro 14

WWDC is always one of the most anticipated events, because after all it marks everything that will come later, or at least a good part of it. The hardware is important, but it is useless to have a good computer if what is inside it, which is the software, is not capable of taking advantage of everything that the different components offer. In addition, it is the event about which the least information is filtered, and therefore, in which we have the greatest margin of surprise.

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