Official: Apple Releases iOS 14.7 Fixing Battery Issues and More

The latest before iOS 15 and company?

The first thing you should know if you are not very up to date with the updates is that Apple presented more than a month ago the next major versions of the operating system of its devices: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15. These will arrive in autumn and will have much more news than we can find in the versions that have just come out, something evident on the other hand. That is why we wonder if these will really be the last before the arrival of the aforementioned new versions.

In the case of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV it is not so important if they will be the last, since the devices that already update to their current versions will continue to do so to the new ones. Now, the case is different in Macs, since there will be many compatible with 11.5 and that nevertheless do not have macOS 12. It is therefore in computers where Apple should have polished the performance well if we take into account that surely There are no versions beyond macOS 11.5 for them, although it is not ruled out that we will see more intermediate updates until we reach the fall.

Highlights of these updates

Posts already to comment on the news, this is what you should know about iOS 14.7 Y iPadOS 14.7:

  • Fix performance issues, including battery management that was giving many iPhone users headaches.
  • Some apple music problems they are fixed with this version after the changes introduced recently.
  • It adds compatibility with MagSafe batteries filed by Apple last week.

magsafe battery

  • It is now possible to add various timers on the HomePods through the Home app.
  • The Air Quality Indicator to the weather app and Apple Maps in new countries, including Spain, Canada, South Korea, France, Italy and the Netherlands.
  • The Podcast app now allows you to choose if you want to see all the programs in the library or only the ones you follow.
  • Holders of an Apple Card (only available in some countries) can now add limits and share an account with another user if the Apple Card Family function is activated.

On watchOS 7.6 we can meet with the arrival of ECG to 3rd new countries. Already in macOS 11.5 Y tvOS 14.7 we find little visual or functional news, beyond bug fixes, performance improvements and security patches.

Remember that updates may take some time to appear or download, especially in these first hours when there are many people connected to Apple’s servers and they tend to crash. Therefore we recommend that you be patient in the process and if you cannot get it now, try it tomorrow.

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