Oh no, Twitter will get more publicity and will get into your conversations

Social networks is something that most of the population use in our day to day. A place where we can keep up with the latest news, talk with friends or, if you are one of those looking to be an influencer, even make a living using them. But if all of us have something in common regarding the use of these apps, it is, at least on some occasion, that we feel annoyed when we see too much advertising in them. The last move of Twitter, the social network of the blue bird, it seems that it is not being liked by many since it is going to implement even more advertising in your feed, even getting into our own conversations. We explain everything you need to know about this and how you can alleviate it, or at least a little.

More advertising on Twitter, is it too much?

As you can imagine, the companies that develop these types of services need a way to sustain themselves by not requesting any type of subscription or payment for their use. In this way, the most natural thing is that they show some kind of advertising throughout its different functions such as the timeline from Twitter. Going through the publications of the users we follow and finding ourselves, among them, with a promotion is not too annoying. The “problem” comes when these advertising posts are seen too often, becoming too intrusive.

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– Twitter Business (@TwitterBusiness) October 13, 2021

Well, it seems that the latest movement of Twitter is committed to showing us even more advertising while we use it. And it seems that the developers of the social network of the blue bird are working on the way to include advertising not only in the feed but also in the post reply threads themselves. In this way, while we are reading the last thread that has gone viral on Twitter, we can see advertising posts like the ones we leave you in the image above, interrupting our conversations or what we are reading.

It is understandable that Twitter wants to seek to earn money with the use of its application by users, but will it end up becoming a “pure advertisement”? That is, will we have to use this social network in such a way that every 2 or 3 tweets we will see an advertisement? Personally, this seems too much to us and we believe that such a move would cause many people to stop using it. Perhaps the alternative to this type of action is a subscription service on Twitter that allows us to pay to use it and not see more advertising in the style of YouTube Premium.

How to see less advertising on Twitter

If so much publicity bothers you when using this social network, you should know that there is a way to “transmit” to Twitter that These ads do not interest you. Therefore, we could say that we would end up seeing somewhat less advertising on the timeline. To access this function it is as simple as:

  • When you are facing a promotion, click on the icon with the three dots that you will see to the right of it on your phone.
  • Different options appear in this drop-down menu. If you want to know why this advertisement is being shown to you, you just have to click on «Why this advertisement?».
  • However, if you click “This ad does not interest me” it will automatically disappear.

This process will make you see a little less advertising on this social network. Although, probably the next time you open it again you will see a new post from another ad. If what you were looking for is not to see any promotion, we are sorry to tell you that this is not going to happen because Twitter is interested in making its service profitable.

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