Ok Google not working: what to do to fix it

If the assistant has been deactivated, when it opens it will ask you to activate it and confirm the permissions. On the other hand, if the application does not open, try restart the mobile and try a second time.

Make sure the microphone works

If you are in an environment noisy, Google Assistant may not be able to pick up your voice. Before continuing, try moving to a quieter place to try again. activate the wizard. If it doesn’t work there either, the second step you should try is to check that the microphone is working.

Try opening a messaging app or your audio note app and talk for a few seconds to make sure the mic is still working. If this is not the case, check that it is not blocked by dirt.

Is ‘Ok Google’ activated?

At this point, it may happen that everything works, but what is failing is the voice command. If the assistant is active and the microphone works, then this function must be disabled. Do the following steps to check it:

  1. Go to the Assistant app or activate the wizard with a gesture.
  2. tap on you profile picture in the corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the option ‘Hey Google & Voice Match‘.
  4. Activate ‘Hey Google‘ if the slider is off.

If you have never trained the assistant with your voice, this is the time to do it. The program may not answer as it does not recognize your doorbell. On the other hand, if all the steps you have done so far were correctly configured, it is recommended that you repeat the training exercise to have Assistant generate a new voice profile for your user.

Before finishing this step, click ‘Other devices‘ in the second tab and make sure they also have this feature turned on in case you want to use it.

Check the language

assistant language

It can also happen that you have misconfigured the language without you realizing it. Checking it is very simple:

  1. Enter the app Assistant.
  2. tap on you profile picture as you did in the previous step.
  3. Go to the section Languages.
  4. Check that your language appears as the main one. If this is not the case, scroll down the list and mark your language.

advanced solutions

If nothing you’ve done so far has solved your problem, don’t worry. There are still a few more things that may be interfering with your Google Assistant.

battery optimization

android battery smart control

This depends one hundred percent on the manufacturer of your mobile phone and the customization of your Android layer. Google’s operating system has some parameters that are used to close background processes or minimize the energy impact of certain applications to prevent your smartphone battery from draining.

However, sometimes it doesn’t work properly and they end up closing processes that we are not interested in having inactive. To fix this problem, you should go to the Settings of your terminal and look for the Battery options. As we have told you, it will depend on how your manufacturer has organized its customization. In Android versions more similar to AOSP, the option we are looking for is inside Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization.

Now it’s time to find the google assistant within the huge list of applications. In our case, the app ‘Assistant‘ was set to a “Smart Controlยป, which is the default configuration that we usually have in any app. We will click on it and assign the profile ‘Don’t Optimize‘. If you also use Alexa on your mobile, it is also a good time to change that option.

Eye, doing this, your mobile it will use more battery, so you should keep that in mind. If you consider that it does not compensate you, return to this section and assign it the intelligent management again.

Manage the Google Assistant app

We come to the final part. If nothing has worked for you so far, all we have left is reset and update the Google Assistant app. You could update directly, but it’s much more sensible to clear the data (you won’t lose anything at all) and then force the app to update.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s possible that your problem with Hey Google is due to a problem with google play services. The problem is that we can no longer interact with this service easily since a few versions of Android, so we have to proceed to address the problem using other methods.

Clear Google Assistant data

google assistant storage

Locate the app Assistant, either in your application box or in your system launcher. Long press the app and go to ‘Application information‘. Now do the following:

  1. Force stop of the app.
  2. go to Storage and cache.
  3. Click on ‘clear storage‘.
  4. Reopen the app.

With this, we make sure that the app works from now on on a new and clean database.

Update wizard

Now let’s go to update the app

  1. Go to the Play Store.
  2. Click on your profile picture.
  3. Choose ‘Manage apps and device‘.
  4. Go to ‘Available Updates‘ and tap the ‘View details’ option.
  5. Update the wizard if your application appears in the list.

With all these steps, your assistant should be working normally again.

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