Olivier Martinez joins the cast of Maya Rudolph’s series

Olivier martinez

Last May, we informed you of the addition of MJ Rodríguez, from the Netflix series Pose to the cast of the upcoming comedy starring Maya Rudolph, comedy created by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard. Soon after, Joel Kim Booster also joined the cast.

Months later, we have to report a new addition. On this occasion, according to the guys from Deadline, it is Olivier Martinez, the French actor who starred in the film Before Night Falls with Javier Bardem, Johnny Deep and Sean Penn among others.

The creators of this new series, Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard, have previously collaborated on Park and Recreation for NBC, SNL and comedy The good place the latter starring Maya Rudolph. Yang and Hubbard won an Emmy Award for the series Master of None, in the category Best Script for a Comedy Series.

This new series shows us how the protagonist, Moolly, had a perfect life and the perfect marriage until her husband abandons her for only $ 87 million.

Molly will have an affair with Jean Pierre (Olivier Martinez), another billionaire representing his family’s charity. MJ Rodíguez, plays the running director of Molly’s non-profit organization.

At the moment we do not know when it is planned to start production of this new series. If we take into account that the cast is being completed many months apart, it is more than likely that until 2023, at the earliest, we will not see this series available on Apple TV +.

Throughout 2022, Apple is expected to release new content, whether serial, film or documentary at a rate of one per week.

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