Ómicron: Brazil confirms the first two cases in Latin America of the Covid-19 variant

According to information from the Sao Paolo governorate, Brazil confirmed the first two cases of the omicron variant, which is why they become the first country in Latin America to confirm the presence of this variant of Covid-19. The news was released this same Tuesday, November 30.

Brazil’s sanitary regulator, Anvisa, announced Tuesday morning the finding of two preliminary positive cases of the new variant of the coronavirus omicron in a man, who came to the country from South Africa, and his wife, infections that if confirmed would be the first in Latin America. Within hours it was confirmed that they had the variant from Africa.

“Samples from two Brazilians will be sent for confirmation of laboratory analysis that, preliminarily, present positive results for the omicron variant, “Anvisa reported in a statement.

Where did the passengers come from?

The passenger arrived at Guarulhos International Airport, in Sao Paulo, on November 23, with a negative PCR test. And two days later, he and his wife attended the airport laboratory to undergo a test with the aim of returning to the African country. They both tested positive for the coronavirus.

Given the results, the samples were analyzed by the Albert Einstein laboratory, that this Tuesday reported the finding of the omicron variant in the tests. Now, detailed Anvisa, the Adolfo Lutz Institute (IAL) must confirm the result. Situation that occurred this afternoon.

Brazil closed its air borders from Monday to six countries in Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe) to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus variant.

Over the weekend, Anvisa recommended that the government prohibit the entry of foreigners from Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

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