On Rakuten, 600,000 Christmas gifts are already for resale

Rakuten announces that 600,000 ads were published on December 25 at 3 p.m., a historic record for the market place.

On Rakuten, many have offered items for resale. In a press release, the marketplace announces that 600,000 listings have been posted this December 25 at 3 p.m. A historic record in France, and which confirms the company’s predictions. She expects 4.5 million gifts to be relisted by January.

Among the most sold gifts, there are unsurprisingly technological products such as iPhone or PS4 consoles. The LEGOs also occupy a good place in the rankings of the moment, and in particular the Millennium Falcon – 75257.

55% of French people have already resold a gift

Last November, in partnership with Ipsos, Rakuten conducted a survey on the habits of the French in terms of reselling gifts. If some still believe that this is not possible, they are now a majority to want to opt for this option after the holidays. According to the survey, 55% of French people have already resold a gift or are considering doing it again, compared to only 40% in 2020.

Some still have scruples

41% of people who have already resold a gift did so because they did not like it. Among women, this figure rises to 53%. 32% indicate that they did not have the need for it while 23% already owned this item. Finally, 16% explained that the gift was just not right for them. There is nevertheless a non-negligible proportion of French people who confide in doing it above all for the money, 10%. Data down compared to last year.

The main brake on the resale of gifts remains scruples (29% of respondents) as well as the fact of preferring the gift. Yet more than a third would be sympathetic if they found out that a gift they gave was being resold. Finally, 24% forget quite simply to take care of it.

Erwan Devèze, neuroscientist and lecturer explains: “The big lesson from the last Rakuten Barometer is that the French are resolving the cognitive dissonance that existed between the sanctity of Christmas and reselling its gifts. For a large part of them, there is no longer any opposition in principle between celebrating Christmas with their family, giving all their importance to this precious moment, and adopting very pragmatic behaviors such as than buying second hand gifts or reselling gifts. “

So you can safely start reselling gifts you don’t want. It will nevertheless be necessary to adopt a few simple gestures to ensure that they find buyers.

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